CONSOLE: The Horned One

Originally published at: CONSOLE: The Horned One – Gems of War

Get in touch with your wild side.

New Troop: Nax

Sir Reginald Bewsinax III was an Adanan Engineer, and inventor of the steam-powered back, armpit, and nose-hair clipper, much favored by the fashionable young men of Adana. Propelled to fame and riches by the invention of this ingenious grooming device, he set about the creation of something entirely new - the combined electric ear-waxer, tooth-cleaner, and bidet. Unfortunately, a power surge during initial testing saw a rather large arc of electricity light Sir Reginald up from colon to cranium.

Miraculously, Sir Reginald survived, but the resulting brain damage left him only able say a single syllable from his name - Nax.

He promptly tore off his clothes and ran northwards, screaming his new name at the top of his lungs. Somewhere along the way it also appears he may have killed a reindeer and put it on his head. His crazy talk, and reindeer hat, may explain why the Wildfolk of Pan’s Vale immediately decided he was touched by the gods, and now worship him as a seer. Of course it could also be because his head and his butt are still glowing… we’re just not sure.

New Legendary Troop: King Silenus

King Silenus does not have nearly as colorful a history as Nax; however, even for a goatman, he is incredibly cunning and intelligent. He has been been quite adept at manipulating the various tribes, by forming a close relationship with Nax. He recognizes Nax is quite crazy, of course, but has found that he can manipulate the strange creature’s behavior by offering him shiny metal baubles to play with. And, crazy or not, the tribal elders seem to listen to Nax, and take his word as law.

Please note this Event is exclusive to the X Box One and PS4 versions of the game.

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First Again.

If I were a child I would care more.


Don’t have Infernus so I’ll try to land King Silenus. Prob end up with 30 druids lol.

That’s the glass is half-full outlook! Druid is at least in the correct Kingdom, Event Keys are still designed to give non-Kingdom troops by the truck load.


Net of +1 troop closer to PC/Mobile as they only had one event troop this week.

as long as pc/mobile and consoles are getting the same events, the number of troops really doesn’t matter, just the number of events.

More than likely, I can see consoles skipping the Merlantis event and getting caught up that way.

50 event keys no Silenus dammit.

not that I want to complain, but nerfing the event keys from guild tasks as well as having 3+ legendaries in one Kingdom is a bit overkill on rarity.


Don’t new legendaries show up in the events tab? I’m not seeing any announcement and I don’t want to waste what little keys we get now if it isn’t out yet.

Yeah, I see no announcement for new legendary.
Anyone get it, I’m on xbox and won’t try lol

got one on X1. took about 140ish event keys.

I usually check the Show All troops tab in a Kingdom to see if its in the database/available

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Got silenus too

500 event to mythic. That’s a lot -.-

I took one hell of a beating… 210 keys and then I get 2 in the last batch of 10. Down to just 160 now. Ugh.

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I thought wild mana was a cool trait, at first lol

This event ‘Bloody Inspiration’ killing 150 purple troops in PvP will be a lot faster than I thought. Just got x7 stones from one single Purple troop. TDS.

I consider myself lucky for one with 50 event keys.

@Stan Can’t see these at GoWdb - my collection…

Finally got a bit of luck. I had 119 event keys, I opened 19 individually without success, then 50, and got two silenius.
23% of the 50 were none event troops /traitstones. This HAS to change.
I’m end game and in a top guild, yet I have pitiful amounts of event keys and gems. I never even got grapplepot.