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CONSOLE: Beards of War

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-x/
It’s getting hairy in here…

New Troop: Lord Ironbeard

Once known as Lord Kegni Stonebottom of the Stonebottom Clan, Lord Kegni Ironbeard received his new name when he saved the Dwarven King’s life. The story goes something like this…

The battle was raging fiercely around them as the Dwarves of Khaziel fended off an attack by a group of marauding Orcs and Goblins. The Orc Warleader made a strong push in attempt to break the Dwarven lines; he rode forward on his giant Warg and hurled a massive black greatspear straight at the King. Without thinking, Lord Kegni leaped in front of the spear, which caught him squarely in the chest. As everyone looked on, fearing the worst, Kegni got to his feet and let out a massive roar! It seems his beard was SO lush and thick, that the Orcish spear never penetrated it! After the battle, his clan was renamed to the Ironbeards, and Lord Kegni received the honor of being named the King’s personal bodyguard.

New Troop: Apothecary

Most Dwarves spend their days digging holes, and hitting things with axes and hammers (simultaneously, if they can manage it). Not ALL Dwarves are like that though; some prefer to spend their time in more scholarly or artistic pursuits. The Dwarven Apothecaries are one such group, extracting the very essence of stone (which, coincidentally, might involve a little hammer-hitting), and brewing potions to fortify the Warriors and Miners who are so revered in Dwarven culture.

There will also be a Rock Troll available in Glory reward chests this week.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox versions of the game.

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@Sirrian we were not supposed to get the rock troll for free like pc?

I don’t think they can give us Rock Troll until we have rock troll deployed on the console via an update. So if they were going to give us a copy, we are back at “soon” and the soonest. :wink:

But it saying it gonna be in glory chest

Oh… I think that line is a simple CNTL-C CNTL-V error from the original PC/Mobile blog post. I don’t think they can slip in additional troops without a client update.

Hey folks,

We didn’t forget!
A free Rock Troll is planned after the event goes live… some time in the next 24 hours.


Cool so free rock troll and they will be in glory chests also?



Awesome thanks guys you rock!!!

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Great! Thanks for clarifying and remembering the free one :grinning:

Battle of the beards!

A brown mana generator, Apothecary looks like something I’ll like, she’ll go good with brown troops like Gorgotha for example.

And Khorvash, and Bone Dragon!

My favorite Khorvash team is:
Emperor Khorvash
Lion Banner


I bet she will replace deep borer in mantibone team

No, for defense, Deep Borer is better.

  • Costs less mana (9 vs. 12)
  • Has Water Link to make it easier to fill
  • AI is terrible at using converter troops effectively, so has better average performance with creators

You are right also She use green mana and won’t fit well With 2 Manticores

…which segues right into my next question. I like your team @Lyya, but I’m curious why people choose a Lion Banner with its +2bl +1yw -1gr. Your team has two green mana users. If you already have high mana masteries, wouldn’t it be just as effective using Sword’s Edge banner with +1bl +1yw ?

Choice of banner seems to make a difference when used on a Defense team. I’m not sure whether the AI adjusts its tactics to avoid choosing a certain colour.

Probably cause she want to fill korvash and valkyrie faster

To be clear, I use that team for invade, not defend. As for the -1 Green, I don’t actively attempt to power Sylvanimora on that team, I use her for the Entangle. Between Sylvanimora stopping Skulls and Khorvash stopping spells (via drain) and traits (via stun), it’s possible to lock down the first troop completely. I go for Yellow to power Valkyrie, and then convert Blue to power Khorvash and Apothecary, then Brown to power Khorvash, and let the extra Brown spill over to Salad; I cast her only occasionally as a finisher, or if the board has somehow dried up.

Yep, I realized it was an Invade team (two gem converters, after all). Explanation does makes perfect sense. Guess my question can’t be answered… I’ll have to experiment using the two different banners, to see if it really could make a difference in terms of power-up and in what colour of gems drop down, etc., etc. Thank you for sharing a Sylvani team!