The Horned One

Originally published at: The Horned One – Gems of War

Get in touch with your wild side.

New Troop: Nax

Sir Reginald Bewsinax III was an Adanan Engineer, and inventor of the steam-powered back, armpit, and nose-hair clipper, much favored by the fashionable young men of Adana. Propelled to fame and riches by the invention of this ingenious grooming device, he set about the creation of something entirely new - the combined electric ear-waxer, tooth-cleaner, and bidet. Unfortunately, a power surge during initial testing saw a rather large arc of electricity light Sir Reginald up from colon to cranium.

Miraculously, Sir Reginald survived, but the resulting brain damage left him only able say a single syllable from his name - Nax.

He promptly tore off his clothes and ran northwards, screaming his new name at the top of his lungs. Somewhere along the way it also appears he may have killed a reindeer and put it on his head. His crazy talk, and reindeer hat, may explain why the Wildfolk of Pan’s Vale immediately decided he was touched by the gods, and now worship him as a seer. Of course it could also be because his head and his butt are still glowing… we’re just not sure.

New Legendary Troop: King Silenus

King Silenus does not have nearly as colorful a history as Nax; however, even for a goatman, he is incredibly cunning and intelligent. He has been been quite adept at manipulating the various tribes, by forming a close relationship with Nax. He recognizes Nax is quite crazy, of course, but has found that he can manipulate the strange creature’s behavior by offering him shiny metal baubles to play with. And, crazy or not, the tribal elders seem to listen to Nax, and take his word as law.

Please note this Event is exclusive to the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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I got first this time.

Cool troops, i wonder if nax can give 16 magic and +2

King silenus look like a better version of infernus

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It isn’t better, but it is the best burn alternative for people who don’t have Infernus fully traited.

Also has the double impervious synergy.


Yeah but don’t forget 50% mana start also it’s cool

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I have a feeling Def teams are going to be more creative next week with a new King in town lol


Pics or it didn’t happen.


new ledgendary only in event chest right ? :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Yes and likely the first I won’t try for.

I’m wondering if I should simply hold on to my Event Keys and just wait for this Legendary to enter the SoulForge. He looks to be decent but not totally impressive. Keep in mind that Pan’s Vale will have three different Legendaries (Bunninog, Silent One, King Silenus) so drop chances will be reduced. I still have flashbacks when I used over 700 Event Keys to get a single Tesla :confused:


And that word is…Nax. Over and over again. Because he doesn’t say anything else.

Nax is law.

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@Sirrian Both Troops look great! Thank you! Another solid week! October is looking like a great month for Gems!


Looks like card kingdom/crest icons is back :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t get too excited about that, those card shots are not taken from the game (they must have a separate tool that makes them).

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Guess you’re right. I wouldn’t say excited, merely that i found the feature handy.
I still hope for it to return.

maybe he was calling for Krystenax? who knows…

Hi Houston, me again…


Yup, we’re already on it! :smiley:

And to preempt the other one, you do need Nax for the bonus gold, not Nyx. The image will be fixed soon.

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