CONSOLE: A New Mythic - Stonehammer

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New Mythic Troop: Stonehammer

Some Gods have existed since before time began.
Some are the children of those Gods.
Others ascended to Godhood, after noble and heroic, or foul and diabolical, deeds.
While some have unwittingly had Godhood thrust upon them.

And then there’s Stonehammer - he just refused to die.

At the battle of Khazdorin Peak, when his whole clan was slain, he refused to give up until every last Orc lay dead.
In the great Forge-Explosion of Dwarrow Deep, he refused to let the fire burn him or the rock crush him, as he clawed his way from the rubble.
When his time as King of Karak Khaziel was over, he refused to lay down on his bier to go and meet his ancestors.
And, finally, when Death came seeking him, he kicked Death fair and square in the nuglets, and went on his way.

After that, his exploits became the thing of legend; not the type of stuff that earns you a shot at divinity, mind you, just a lot of… attention

For example…
They say he once made fire in far north by rubbing 2 icicles together.
That he once threw a bomb that killed 50 Orcs… and then it exploded.
That a Sand Cobra once bit him on the leg, and after 5 days of excruciating pain, the Cobra died.
That he invented the giraffe by delivering an uppercut to a wild horse.
That he once punched the Cyclops between the eye.
And that he once cooked one minute noodles in 15 seconds.

It’s entirely possible, at that point, the Gods looked down and decided he was making them look bad, so the next thing you know… BOOM! He’s the God of the Dwarves!

Please note this Troop is currently available on XBox One and PS4.

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He’s useless…
Save your gems for the next mythic :disappointed:
Or use them to build up Gorgotha


Tumbleweed… Probably be one of the quietest mythic threads ever.


The tricky thing about skipping mythics is how often they are nerfed/buffed. Also, there are no must have mythics on the horizon so are essentially saving resources for nothing.

I’d love some Mab/Khorvash/Kraken level legendaries or mythics.

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I’d have gone for ketras if I’d had confirmation of the buff that I correctly predicted by the devs.

isnt Elemaugrim next? i think he is worth the investment


Not gonna blow all of my glory and gem keys in this exclusive period, I’ll wait until all the other mythic troops return to chests, I’m still trying to get my hands on War, Famine, and other mythic troops I don’t have. The only mythics I have are Plague, Death, Gard and Wulfgarok.

Stonehammer looks like a more expensive Jarl, I’ll save my gem and glory keys for now.


more yawning

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Maybe you can persuade me to use him? :smiley:

Can’t see a team with him I would actually use

I find it funny how people were upset that no mythic was released last week as per the schedule and oh we’re never catching up yet now that it’s released, it gets dumped on for being “bad” and now the thought is just… Pass. Don’t care.

No this comment is neither a complaint nor criticism. Just a slight chuckle over the dichotomy of the situation for a troop we knew was coming and whom I do see people happy they got it.


Buff time devs but only cause I got him. :wink:


True, but, people weren’t complaining because they desperately wanted this particular troop. It is more about future troops, finishing the never ending catch up, perceived treatment of console players etc.


I agree Stonehammer is useless. you still never know if Stonehammer will get a buff or not, also nice for collection. Dwarves generally needs a major rework.


he fits in my dragon team :stuck_out_tongue:
but im not a cosnole player so maybe its different for you guys,
maybe specifically vs console looping mab-like decks he wont do - i have no idea
but generally i like him due to impervious+attack decrease
sometimes i even use him on guild war :slight_smile:


i actually wanted stonehammer as it fits my specific liking in defensive play strategy (not an effective strategy but i just like it)

its ironacal that while i would trait him and play i didnt get the stonehammer in the end :joy:
but im not regreting coz next month i got elemaugrim and then i was glad that luck streak on elem instead

Give this troop impervious. Would free up a trait spot also then.


50 vip, got 3 of him.


100 glory keys. Got nothing above ultra rare, including 1 Stonehammer.

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I spent all my saved Seals to open 300 Guild Chests, and then used 400 Gems Keys. Got him. To everyone that passed on Stonehammer, if you didn’t notice this troop is screaming for a buff (even more than Ketras was).

@The_Unforgiven what has gotten into you? I think I agree with almost every comment you posted on this thread :grinning::wink:

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That’s a great start!, then add like Stone Link, Reinforced, or a typical Dwarven Trait in the free slot. His 24 Mana cost could be taped down a bit too.