CONSOLE: New Hotfix Update Incoming!

Hey everyone,

So just a heads up, we’ll be releasing a new hotfix update for consoles within the next few hours. We discovered a critical bug when it came to new players for the server migrations (purely through chance), and we’ve had to quickly put together a build with the change that allows new players to access the game. This is not a big feature/bug fix update as we were worried to change too much and go through certification hell once again.

We did manage to make a couple of quick changes. One being to the PS4 store to help us discover exactly what is going wrong there. We’ve got our suspicions, and we’ve finally managed to reproduce one of the errors where some people are unable to access the store after making a purchase. We’ll have some more fixes (hopefully the last ones) coming in our next update. Cannot thank people enough for their patience on this.

The other is that the Kraken will, unfortunately, not be even more powerful than what it already is. We fixed up the trait that was going to be doing true damage instead of regular damage, making an already powerful trait ridiculous.

We would have loved to have gotten some of the more critical crash/lock fixes in for this update, but unfortunately they were just out of scope for the quick fix we had to put together.


Any chance you fixed my Xbox One store Issue? I have the same issue as the PS4 people. Game freezes every time I enter the store.

Not sure how this is “unfortunate”. Personally, I’m happy to be getting just an arguably overpowered troop this week, rather than a clearly broken/overpowered troop. Especially since I’m still farming the Arcanes needed to forge that overpowered 3rd trait…

I still can’t login to the game at all on Xbox One. I reported this both in this forum and via ticket something like ten or eleven hours ago. Any idea as to when a player who has been playing for three or four weeks will be able to access the game? (i.e., is that considered “new”?)

Thank you.

Alpheon mentiones the update should be going out within the next few hours, so I’d guess wait for that to hit and see if you’re able to log in once you have the hotfix.

EDIT: NVM me… Alpheon’s reply explains things better.

Unfortunately not in this update, we’re still investigating. Only fixes are the ones I mentioned in the post.

@Stan: Haha, I just remember seeing a thread dedicated to theory crafting to take advantage of the broken trait. They might see it as unfortunate.

@EnsignGarak: It’s for brand new players who haven’t played the game before. We’re still investigating yours and others server issues though.

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Thank you very much for the response, @Alpheon. Good luck in your quest!

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Hey All,

The update should now be available on XB1 and PS4.

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Can I assume that you’re aware of the issue where players are getting multiple (5+) traitstones per single Challenge victory? I just won two arcane light stones from a single Pan’s Vale challenge, plus many other stones. This still occurs even after taking the update. Thanks.


This really needs to be looked into ASAP, in my opinion. Literally a 30-second challenge win and you sometimes get 10 or more traitstones.


@einsteinle, yes - we’re currently working on a fix. We had the same issue on PC/Mobile when we moved to the new servers.


@einsteinle - This bug should now be fixed. Could you check to see if you are still getting an incorrect amount of traitstones?

Yes, I’ve done challenges in four different kingdoms now and have only gotten one traitstone each time. A number of people in chat have mentioned it being “back to normal” as well.

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Rude (and inappropriate).


You did the right thing. We need more people like you in the community.


After about a month of getting an error code when trying to access Gems or bundles, I go into the store only to be completely Frozen. No access to rewards. Stuck on gold screen.
Come on lol.

Okay. This is critically bad. I have no access to Rewards. That is not good whatsoever.

Cry a river you bunch of anti funners, for the first time in ages instead of all being stressed over all the toxicity in this games design we all were having fun in chat and feeling like we were all a huge family finally enjoying the game again… devs need to revert to this so called ‘‘glitch’’ or just up the traitstone drops statically because the game just isnt fun otherwise anymore. Everything takes way too long with the retarded droprates. Atleast we now have seen how rare runics really are because even with the glitch we just got one runic every 3-4 matches or something. Take lessons from it instead of continuing to play the sjws this forum has been turning into.


First of all, take a deep breath and calm down. This cannot be good for your blood pressure.

Second, realize that this behavior is a bug.

Third, realize that this forum is a place where people go to report bugs.

Fourth, realize that you sound like a raving second-grader when you call a person a pottymouth word for tattling to the teacher.

Fifth, maybe take another deep breath. I did tell you this was bad for your blood pressure, right? :slight_smile: