Console Server Migration

I also am having the same issue with Xbox as stated above. I am unable to log in as of EST 11:30am

Okay, my brother had no issues when he logged in. I did however. Got the ‘Unable to connect to servers’. It disrupted the normal splashscreens rotation some three times after I hit Retry. After I got the news screen, I quit and relaunched the game. Been playing smoothly and I received the normal mail for my daily login.

Not sure if the error is due to many players worldwide logging in at once aka peak hours, or for being the second one to launch their own account from the same console. It’s still playing normally. Great job, Devs!

Interestingly enough, I am having a similar issue that @EnsignGarak is having, but I am on mobile. It just started yesterday, and only happens when I am on my home wifi. I submitted a ticket to zendesk about the issue, but I thought I would mention it here as well.

I’ve also been experiencing the same issue as @EnsignGarak ever since @Sirrian posted that the migration was complete. Attempting to launch the game on the XB1 results in an continual “servers are experiencing difficulties” error.

6 hours later still getting the same results. I made a new account with my mobile and that is working fine. XB1 continues to tell me “servers are experiencing difficulties” error. I have restarted multiple times now. Any chance we can get an update?

Mobile is on a different setup that consoles (though they are also on the new servers now), so the only thing that really confirms is that the servers aren’t completely dead. It’s coming up to 10am AEST now, so I’m assuming people are in the office and working on the issue as we speak. Hopefully there will be an update soon.


Hey @EnsignGarak, @j3s, and @Bazzoosk,

Unfortunately, during the server migration, we did notice that there was a period of about 1-2 hours where players were getting extra data into their account which was causing the game to produce these errors. This problem should no longer be happening, but is taking a bit of time before it is remedied.

Good news though, I’ve looked into it and your accounts should be working again! Could you check to see if you are getting the same errors now?

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I got a “Gems of War needs an update” message upon trying to launch the game. That’s new. Will let you know more in a bit…

EDIT: Hooray! I’m in! Daily Bonus looks like it has calculated correctly. Now I have to check some other stuff.

Thanks so much @GoldPhoenix0 !!!

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I am up and running, thank you so much for fixing this. Your the best!

Noticed one big improvement with this, all the server glitches had been fixed & the game runs faster than ever!

I’ve been able to successfully connect multiple times over the last few hours. Thanks for the update, @GoldPhoenix0.

Is that just for console accounts or could that happen to Steam accounts also? I’ve been working with Nimhain via Support and email but so far nothing we’ve tried has worked and am still getting the server difficulties error as of last night (10 hours ago).

Same as @Dorgath, is there any fix for pc/mobile? I’m at work atm, but am keeping an eye on support and forums to see what is going on.

Just as a follow up, and since I haven’t seen it mentioned here yet, I now have multiple people on my friends list who are reporting the same “servers are experiencing difficulties” error when attempting to play PVP matches. As far as I know, everything other than PVP is still functioning as normal.

Edit: I am now seeing this issue as well.

Servers are a tad slow for the past few hours.

Hi, guys,

I’ve been having the same reported error, since yesterday. Is there any news about this issue?

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It’s been the Australia Day public holiday here today, so things have been a bit slow - sorry about that.

The team will be back in the office tomorrow, and we’ll take a look… for the most part the servers have been running smoothly, but there are just a few people seeming to have an issue connecting to their new location.


Yeah the servers are down here to.

Here too, on Mobile/PC. Most of the day the database have had more or less problems to load/prepare the battles… :frowning:

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Hey folks, @GoldPhoenix0 is just trying out a fix for the PvP Issue on Xbox (then PS4 is that works).
Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted if there are any problems.