CONSOLE: Infernal Bling Event

Well, Its super late, first attempt at a PvP 1T combo team to work on it. I’ll refine something faster in the morning, it works but its too slow for my style.

Sacrificial Priest


It’s a pita, I’m probably not going to bothering much. Got aby and gorgotha in my offence team and had 2 stones in an hour!

Thought I would share my team for this event:

Black Beast
Daemonomicon (sorcerer class-weapon)
Giant Spider
Dark Elven-banner (green/purple)

4th troop could be anything because Black Beast always devours it, I just use Warg to get beast-bonus. And I used Broken Spire 5th challenge to farm these.

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I’m going to pvp most of the week and explore the daily tasks, I’ll get what I can but I’m not farming this one.

  1. I never do Challenges, ever. I need the Runic Traitstones, just Explore if I’m not doing PvP.

  2. You should swap the last troop with a troop (with a daemon), that spawns has a daemon 25% on death. If your just devouring it anyhow.

  3. THANK YOU for reminding me about that Hero class and weapon, I completely forgot about it!

Not saying starting with 2 empty BBs are super fast, but I was getting 2-4 per battle depending on Sacrificial Priest. Battles were a few minutes. Before starting my day I have an hour to work up something faster.

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Succubus would work best for this, since she gets both boosts for the week and has Demonic Pact. :relaxed:


This is my current team for this event:

Giant Spider

Sacrifice may be the worst Guardian troop of all, but the purpose of using him is to give other allies some magic (sometimes boosted by enemies with death mark) while sacrificing himself at the same time so I can summon a random daemon. Any other good troops that goes with Sacrifice?

Ok, modified my team for speed so I can tear through his now at a reasonable rate.

Dwarven Banner

Mech (Prismatic Orb)
Kerberos (3x Traited)

You’ll get about 2 (1.9) Infernal Bling Stones per battle. Battle in Explore wherever you need Stones. If possible avoid using Prismatic Orb on the first BB as you’ll one shot the other team, but some times that’s what the board needs to keep thing rolling quickly. Hence the 1.9 Stones per.

My preferred team:

The Dragon Soul

It’s fast, it soul farms, and it’s viable in pvp.

Another of the endless combinations:

Black Beast
Void Portal

Abyssal Banner

Wight for souls & gems > Beast for devour & skulls > Void to summon.

Can put anything up front for the sacrifice. I use Warlock fully traited for Necromancy and Daemonic Pact, as well as the Karakoth bonus. He can also take out any potentially annoying enemy troops before you do away with him. I’ve managed 20+ in one match with this setup before being forced to end it due to nothing other than skull matches remaining.

I had some fun with. Black beast
Forest guardian
And it worked in pvp as long as they are all traited I used hellhound bc of the double bonus so u can beef up black beast, only kill an enemy if u have a open spot and then eat the warg.

Thanks for posting some additional teams everyone, I hope they help out others trying for their 200 Infernal Bling Gems.

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Been playing around with:

Any weak attack tank
Giant spider.

Sac kills the spider and makes purple and yellow/blue to feed itself and Aby, then aby makes IK’s which keep getting recycled. Getting some good loops at the minute, just need to find the optimum level and front and back troops. Spider is a good purple generator to kick things off. Getting about 10 being stones in <10 mins when I tried this but afk now so if anyone can improve let me know.

I know it’s based an a mythic but it’s what I pulled from the growth pack.

Looks like a fun team. I was having a conversation when I did mine so I wasn’t really keep track but BB battles are probably :40-1 minute each, and I would get almost 2 Stones per so I say 20-25 IB Stones every 10 minutes even distracted.

Noticed a post on the main Gems Xbox Club for another team. Credit goes to JustDarque

Hero (Daemon summon book)
(Sacrificed Troop goes here)

Haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but the idea with your team is to detonate your Bombots to simultaneously kill the opponent and make room for the Wargs that Kerberos will summon as the enemy dies? If so, that is brilliant.

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Yes! That is exactly how it works. Its VERY fast and elegant :smiley: . If you charge P.O. Hero first boost the second BB so you don’t one shot the entire team. In addition you many need to play on Warlord I or II so you don’t accidentally one shot the entire team.

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