Infernal Bling - Summon Daemons

I am using the following team to collect Event Points:

Main Goal is to create a loop of Sacrifice and summoning of Daemons.

  1. Giant Spider (Purple generator)
  2. Sacrifice (clear last spot in Team)
  3. Void Portal (Summon Daemon)
  4. Dragon Soul (Trigger one time to gather Souls for the Portal)

Use Dragon Sould first. Afterwards loop Sacrifice+Portal+Spider.

Did anyone find another/better way to generate event points?

We’ve got a discussion going here if you want to add your team to it! :smiley:

Im playing with:
Incubus (because 5 glory per battle is something i wouldnt like missing on)
The thrall from karakoth that doubles the number od purple gems and gives you souls (forgot its name)
Sac priest
Similar to yours, fire off thrall which will likely fill your priest and portal. Kill your incubus (youll still get extra glory dont worry). Rinse and repeat. Also summoning new troops im first spot seems better since you can let enemy hit you with skulls and deny them mana like that.