*Team Build Help* - Infernal Bling

I’m not sure what team to use for the event this week - Infernal Bling

It says 'Summon Daemons in any battle but I’m not sure what cards do that.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Read thread below, there are some good team suggestion regarding this week event.

0k now do what could you please put that in dummy terms for me i did not understand that at all .

Put Valkyrie first
Put Sacrifice second.
Put Void Portal third
Put something fourth.

You want to use Valkyrie first. You don’t care if she gets punched after that. Leave her mana full after that.

Then fill up Sacrifice and use it to kill whatever you put fourth. Use Void Portal to someone something. Repeat between those two.

It’s pretty boring.

Tried a few builds and setlled on this one;

Hero (Soul Blade weapon)
Sacrificial Priest
Void Portal
Banner +2 purple, +1 red, -1 brown? (forget what color the -1 is for.)

Soul Blade once gets me the necessary souls to use the Void Portal. Then I sacrifice hero and start summoning. You can also sacrifice Incubus. He may summon on death and Priest may summon as well. Then rinse, repeat. I seem to get capped at 10 snotgems.
The matches are a grind (often trying to keep enemies alive.) But I’ve been winning in PVP by choosing the 2nd and 3rd team opponents option each time. Pretty good success and get to benefit from Incubus’s +5 glory for each win.