CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!

Thanks for the quick reply!

I just got last/this week’s pvp rewards in the mail.

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Lol just got reset i can say i won first new pvp style event on xbox one wouhooo!!!

Probably will never happen again but was nice lol good night everyone!


Congrats, man! What did you win?

Yeah I got #1 on PS4 (after a few hours), the last time that’ll happen :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, great update but I opened 20 event chests and got TEN treant. Not happy as already have him at mythic and lvl 20! Grrrrrrr!
The game looks and runs beautiful.

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@Sirrian When do the tasks reset?

600 vip chests and 7000 glory keys. No mythic :frowning:

You’re not alone with the bad luck while everyone else is being flooded with good luck.

It took 9000 Gems and 8000 Glory Keys for me to pull a Mythic.

I have got a lot of new troops now, not Death or anything like that though, maybe tomorrow.

7k glory keys, and 200 VIP chests:

2 Death, 2 Plague :slight_smile:

Sounds like its time to give up for now unless you really want them. They will each be up again for an exclusive period though anyway.

That type of luck makes Tacets ‘worst unlock fail ever’ video look like a cheeseburger. Is that like $1700 worth of gems?

Console players


Congratulations!. You were moving, lots and lots of invasions. I only got 4th, but would have easily got 2nd if not for real life. However, even if I could have played the entire time I’m sure I would not have caught up to your score. Nice job.

Thanks your team gave me trouble lol the ai was lucky on the cascades :slight_smile:

Hehe… looks like it’s time to finally do the bucking CONQUEST part of Equestrian Conquest! Keep an eye on the top 100; if you see the name Rumble, you’ll know it’s me.

Xbox or ps4?


My namesake is on the XB1 version.

@Boats I was right there with you for a few hours then decided to go to bed lol.