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CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Yasmine's Chosen

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/console-a-new-mythic-approaches-yasemines-chosen/

Yasmine, I choose you!

New Mythic Troop: Yasmine's Chosen

When the Forests of Krystara are under dire threat, the Goddess Yasmine, mistress of life and nature, has a unique way of defending them.
She will choose one of the oldest trees deep with the woods, “break off” a small portion of her spirit, and place it within the tree.
The tree will spring to life, often taking on the form of Yasmine herself, and use its god-given power to wrap any enemies in vines and smite them.

Please note this Troop is currently available on XBox 1 and PS4.

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Fistr 01 hcar

Previous mythic I got with 800 glory keys, this time 2k glory keys. I’m a lucky bastard. Last time I wrote a poem, so I’ll keep em coming.

I have long legs
I have large feet
I have big hands
what does this mean
all my sticks are long
you understand now?
Yasmine is mine


cost me an arm and a leg but Yasmine’s Chosen is pretty fun in the right combination

300 gem key’s :sunglasses:

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So Rowanne deal around 110 damage and Yasmine from 47 to 87 at best? Ohhh yes she create 10 green gems and its always nice to have the 3rd troop entangled too. :thinking:
Not saying its a bad troop, but Im expecting more from a mythic. Only good thing is the 10 green gems thing imo.


yes, if she doesn’t not set the board for many 4 the enemy team :joy:


150 vip to pull her, and I’m out of gems. No more vip that I’ve paid to access. Crafting only, both vip victims in this household and both really pissed off.


The pain is unreal, especially when it feels like Pennywise is behind these VIP chests. At least you got her, but you are right the pain is unreal and you just wanna shout down the game for the weekend…believe me I have been there so many times myself…

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I made a great team with her but I’m raw, the last three mythics cost over 22,000 gems on vip and I didn’t even pull euryali. Fecking ridiculous. My luck Fecking sucks.

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Sadly its too many mab teams out there for me to play her. I have nothing against mab there is good counters, but euryali teams is not one of them.

I just wanted her for a gw option. A summoner that summons a non mana blocking troop that increases the summoner’s damage is pretty useful. I’ve used her on my mrs’ account and she’s pretty reasonable.

Ah, if she never misfired I would had used her in GW…

Got my two. I’m happy :slight_smile:

Got one with only 100 gen keys. Best luck i have had so far. Didn’t have to touch my gem stash.

Lol best luck ever 50 vip and got 3



That’s insane! 1% chance and you get 3 in 50!

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Nice! Grats man I got my two first was from 250 gem keys, other was one pull of vip 50 keys.

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Can’t see this yet at GoWdb -mycollection, @Lyya?

@Stan usually keeps Console up to date. I’ll take care of it for you though :slight_smile:

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