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A New Mythic Approaches - Yasmine's Chosen

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-yasmines-chosen/

Yasmine, I choose you!

New Mythic Troop: Yasmine's Chosen

When the Forests of Krystara are under dire threat, the Goddess Yasmine, mistress of life and nature, has a unique way of defending them.
She will choose one of the oldest trees deep with the woods, “break off” a small portion of her spirit, and place it within the tree.
The tree will spring to life, often taking on the form of Yasmine herself, and use its god-given power to wrap any enemies in vines and smite them.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC and Mobile.

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Is the boost ratio still x10?


Looks like x10 still.

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Yup, checked in-game as well (Unowned section), showing x10.

Thanks peeps, decisions, decisions!

GemsOfWar 2017-09-01 01-20-34-60

New waifu, love her hands. she is like a poors man Gard, i love her!!!


That combination of words. :wink:


Well luck was on my side this time, got her in my last set of 50 gem keys, for a total of 300 gem keys spent.

11,600 guild seals
700+ gem keys
250 VIP chests (11,250 gems)

She is grounded from getting any of my precious traitstones for being such a greedy prick. Next time my Kraken gets hungry, she may be donating a limb since I am officially too broke to buy him more food.


There are always horror stories. I spent 1000 gem keys then got two with 50 VIP keys

I refuse to use vip anymore, they’re appalling for me and with the gem nerf even worse.

Got it off of 411 gem keys and 50 VIP.

Unfortunately, I got 0 Autumn Imps though. I hope they will be craftable, otherwise I won’t be able to mythic it until next year.


So what will you spend your gems on? VIP keys are unquestionably the best way to get mythic troops on a gem-for-gem basis.

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Not for me. I did get infernus but it was only after 250 vip and wiped out my gem and glory and seals to boot, almost cleaned me out . Most of mine have come out of seals or gem chests

I used to be so good with VIP Keys. Infernus ate 150 of them for nothing and failed to appear otherwise. Euryali took 100 or 150 and I had to burn a ton of other resources to get her after that. Yasmine’s Chosen took 150.

It’s always possible the base drop rate for mythics was adjusted downwards. But people (myself included) could just be getting consistently unlucky.

I don’t think the drop rates have changed. 3 in my guild got them from 100 gem keys or less.

Took me 2000 glory keys, 314 guild keys and 320 gem keys.

150 VIP, 3000 Glory keys, 400 gem keys, and 4000 guild keys…nothing. Guess I’m waiting a year to craft her or maybe not lol

100 gem keys
600 Glory keys
Almost 40.000!!! Guild Seals

Got her, but yet again, that bitter taste is ugly…


It took me 3k gem keys (27k gems!) and 6k gems (with VIP) to obtain one copy. Equivalent of 2200$ (without discount).
Is it a the new standard/acceptable?

A pity timer seems mandatory as apparently one player can spend more than 2,000$ without dropping the wished troop. And the Crafting is not a pity timer.