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Next mythic to craft?

So, after calming down from earlier’s outburst about PvP (Still hate it), I looked through the soulforge and saw Yasmine’s Chosen which puts me in a rough spot. I’ve heard she is a good mythic for later delves and in general but I have to focus on some others like Anu. So I figured I would ask who will have priority.

Current Mythics:

Arachaean Weaver * 2
Gard’s Avatar
Ketras The Bull
Megavore * 2
Pharos’Ra (Don’t need extra souls by the way)
Queen Aurora
Ubastet * 2

So that should help narrow down who I should aim for if not Yasmine’s Chosen.

It’s a really good loop troop, one of the best.

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Champion of anu

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So one for Anu and one for Yasmine… both would be needed for 10 stars and (if I recall), the next faction event is for Forest of Thorns and if so, Yasmine will be needed to get the extra attack. Still… not sure.

Yasmin is more team specific as for COA has more general use (and also for blue teams).

Also COA will benefit far more with the St. Astra combination to later come in November.

They can eventually both help to get your kingdoms up to level 12.