Consensus = Cheaters gonna cheat, trolls gonna troll (I give up)


It’s remained civil, if not friendly, so I’m going to leave this for now. But please (everyone) return to the topic and away from personal attacks.


It doesn’t affect me so why should I care.

That’s not really the best stance to take. I don’t aim for the leaderboards but I still want people who cheat to be removed for the benefit of those who do. It’s not all me me me.


I should make a forums alt at I can post thoughts and ideas without people feeling the need to attack the author about stuff not related to this exact topic.

Sooooooo many (myself probably included) topic derailing violations. It’s almost impressive.


Answered in DM as requested.


Well, initially I considered the original topic to be silly. Why wouldn’t the devs be casually investigating the top 5?

But based on the story of this player being banned, it sounds like the only time players are investigated are when two things happen:

  • Lots of people report it.
  • The devs have spare time.

I’ve always agreed with the premise, but my mockery came from a place of, “Well, surely the devs are sensible and already do this.” I suppose I should stop overestimating the devs.


@riversong @awryan You two are so similar in a lot of ways that I have difficulty to understand howcome u are not friends anymore. Hope you cheer up through DM tho. :+1:

Overall IMO a good and a very important thread/discussion.God lord how these rats have annoyed me for the longest time, and its great to see that more and more seems to get banned at a higher rate - the latest weeks.


I’m seriously amazed at the flack AWR is getting for asking people to be investigated. You guys are missing the bigger picture here. I will write it out clearly and with no snark so you can hopefully see where I’m coming from.

#1 spot on the leaderboards is unattainable and useless to most of us, but consider this. Say a player gets to number one on reset, and keeps it all week. How does this affect me? Well, I’m pissed that I grinded out 4 million gold over the course of my streams, hours I put into the game, etc, while this player simply clicked a few buttons and got twice what I got in about 5 minutes.

There are trainers and bots that allow players to win a bullshit amount of matches, with no chance of losing, very quickly, and with very little effort. That player then completes 3395984538953 legendary tasks a minute, and thereby has resources/troops/whatever else.

Now, how does this affect MY game and what I see? Truthfully, it doesn’t. But it pisses me off, because I could do the same thing, but I’m not. If somebody has and wants to spend 24 hours a day to grind stuff, they deserve it. If somebody gets 24 hours worth of stuff in 5 minutes because they are using a bot/trainer/whatever cheat, nuh ugh, I’m mad.


From the dev responses that I’ve read over the years, they never stated that they routinely check the top leaderboard scores. They’ve always stated that 1) they have undisclosed “methods” of detecting some forms of hacking, and 2) they investigate players based on player reports.


Just leaving the posts from waaayyy above here… just to clear any confusion non-devs may be making on how often and when accounts are investigated.

IMO this has turned into yet another negative pity party. Turning off now :wave:



Okay but it’s not all about me, nor did I say that. Don’t try to make me look selfish by twisting words.

It’s actually about the majority of players in the game who won’t reap any harm from cheaters. Anyone besides the select elite that play this game like it is life, 10-12 hours a day, to get the top spots… to literally anyone else this doesn’t impact them!

It’s a perfectly fine stance to think people are getting worked up about bots and to not care about it when it’s something that impacts so little people.

It’s not some widespread problem like sexual assault (which can happen to anyone, randomly) that needs to be handled now. This is something that should be on the back burner.


If it affects one person, it’s enough.

And if that was word play, we’re going to have a problem :roll_eyes:


And for those 100 that do end up on the LB, or find themselves there after a well-timed 6hr marathon of trophies, it deserves to be a fair fight to the end.

I get irritated as sh** thinking that I spent 6 hrs, then a 1 hr cat nap, then another 8 hrs of trophies, just to be passed up by someone who hit “start” and walked away.

Whether the devs investigate all the top 10 (not 5, but all the highlighted spots) in each competitive bracket, or only take complaints from those fighting in the trenches, matters to me not, as long as it is consistent and a fair fight.

Mostly, I think they do an alright job and the rest of us report suspicions and hope for the best.

I won’t lie, I quit chasing the lb for a long time bc I was so disheartened by the fact that you can’t catch them all, first week, first time. Yet, i tried again and finally won the #1. Did I beat a bot or another person? Did they damn near quit for headaches and sleep deprivation like I did?

I’ll never know.


I will be closing this thread for 24 hours as it has devolved unto arguing.



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