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Connection Question

How much for the “stable servers pass” ?

Ever since daily reset today my matches have been loading incredibly slow on the Central US server. And that’s with my 100 Mbs wifi and my 5G LTE internet.

So basically my question is. How many pases are you going to sell us before the revenue is actually allocated to Gems of War instead of being the only thing funding the parasite that is Puzzle Quest 3?


In Europe here. Same issue. Everything is ridiculously sloooowwww.


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Ditto on Xbox. On Mondays, the server lag is always really bad. And it was even worse this week, as there have been periods of lag throughout the whole week, not just Monday. Lag during Vault weekends is ridiculous too. IP2/505, PLEASE upgrade your freaking servers!


Today again. Three-four loading bars to load a match and everything else is nerve-rackingly slow.

Yup, painful to play.

Today’s been the worst day yet. Took me twice as long just to complete the delve event…

But their servers are a’go

Try using a VPN? I understand the frustration considering we need to grind for 10 crowns…

Vpn usually slows things down, right?

Yet another day of server lag on Xbox… This is absolutely ridiculous.

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Yes in general. But I tried hopping from country to country. I found the Las Vegas VPN server (cyberghost) as fast as without a VPN connection (only applies to GoW app). Worth a try if you have one. Though I understand, this shouldn’t be the final solution to solve the lagging issue. That server may lag too if a lot of players will try to connect there.

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Again after the reset. Obviously this is a worldwide issue and hasn’t been resolved in any way at all. Now it’s happening so frequently… needs to be handled

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