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Completely disenchanted troops come back at higher rate?

I completely disenchanted some troops I was tired of looking at (never going to use peasants, quasits, armored boar, sacrificial priests etc.) and suddenly my chests are opening 50% of the time with those troops. On larger opens (50 chests) I am seeing 3xPeasants etc.

Are the chests random, or if you are missing or low on a troop are the chances (highly) increased to get those troops?

Last 30 chests opened had about 50% peasants, quasits, armored boar, sacrificial priests etc. I cannot get rid of them and they appear to be reducing my chances of getting troops I need. So for now I have stopped disenchanting them as I am sick of seeing them repopulate. They are like roaches!

Well, since having those troops and leveling them up contributes to kingdom power, and subsequently increased income for you and increased stats on the troops you do use… Completely disenchanting troops is a bad idea in the first place.

In answer to your question: chests are random, no skew based on what troops you do or do not have.


Yeah, you just screwed up starring your kingdoms. It’s important to even trait the commons because they are the cheapest, and at least 3 star kingdoms is essential to getting good hourly loot.

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Ah I see, only 3 weeks in so not focused on starring kingdoms quite yet, but I see now just let em collect and ascend…(the Peasant really bothers me though!)…

Thanks for the feedback, I still think the chests are not random as I got 2 more of each troop I mentioned and nothing else. Hard to believe those odds.

I’m not a big proponent of disenchanting, especially in the early game. Those troops are actually resources that have tangible value. Just by using them to level kingdoms, you’ll likely get enough tribute souls to offset the small number of souls you get by disenchanting.

At one point, the gap between my first nearly-mythic common (Peasant) and my least obtained common (Spider Swarm) was over 100 - I had nearly twice as many Peasants as Spider Swarms every obtained, and I did not have a significant amount before Spider Swarm was released. Even with that considered, I ended up getting mythic Spider Swarm over a month before getting mythic Fortress Gate, a troop which had been around for much longer and had more copies by the time they were both legendary. When the new kingdom dropped, I believe I needed about 300 gold keys before seeing both commons from it, but I got four drops from one of those 50 packs and already had 8 of the other by that point. The randomness can really be a drag at times, but you (kind of) get used to it.

@trickycdr don’t disanchant them you will need about 200 of them to ascend them to mythic

Especially considering the disproportionately low soul gains you get in return. They constantly update the “economy” (i.e. extreme rewards reduction for end-game guilds in 2.1 task revamp), but the soul disenchantment is left untouched… Strange.

10 souls for disenchanting an ancient client where there was no such thing as ascending troops, yet the values have never been adjusted to reflect the changes…

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Disenchanting was useful in the beginning as I was focusing on 10 common cards to get at least 8 of them up as fast as possible so I could do PvP to get more gold (The kingdoms don’t give enough gold to help get past 5 level).

Once I get two teams I could use regularly I stopped disenchanting and starting building up.

My observation was the ones I had originally (all common except for Gorgon) got up over 10th level, and Ultra Rare - I stopped seeing them popping up in both the gold and the glory chests until 2.1 came out. In fact I was making a joke at one point that maybe I should have kept the Mad Prophet on a team because he was the one I had the most ascended to at one point (he’s still level 1, Epic almost to Legendary)

I’m in no big hurry now.