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I 100% agree with you


My opinion is that the list requires no update. None of the troop changes were in any way significant.

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Any early thoughts on Champion of Gaard? Sounding pretty B-tierish to me, but would be curious if you guys had any thoughts on what teams would go with him, etc.

Champion of Gaard is a D-tier for me (mainly the +1 to all red stats every turn and the fringe gem creation can also help it). I find it funny that’s it nearly impossible for most AoE troops to kill it, but it just doesn’t do much outside of that.

The only team of significance I’ve been able to make that isn’t just Gaard hiding in the back is

Champion of Gaard
Doomed Blade - Sunspear
Holy St. Astra
The Possessed King
(Saurus Banner)


High F… low D. I’m reluctant to even put him in D. Stonehammer probably has more relevant (but still very circuitous) setups, but Champion’s kit can be more relevant in more slots I guess? By this list’s criteria, it fails to meet the basics of “increase your resource/farming speed” since you need to go through an extra step just to set anything up and “upscaling” potential is only if the content allows it (by not having team rearrangers, statuses, armor destroyers, focused damage and stun, instakill, devour, spell chains that can destroy your team or at least your other troops before he even fills once, numbers high enough where the mitigation barely matters, etc etc etc).

C at best eventually if the right supports come along. There just aren’t a whole lot of setups right now where you want a combination red and blue board - you can use him with troops that capitalize off blue and feed back to his colors, but these are very circuitous setups that just leave him open to getting run over if he happens to drop a turn. The “super defense” aspect of his design only works if the opponent has no tools to counter it, otherwise, that armor isn’t going to save him when he drops the turn - falls easily to any gimmick or status, which is just all over the place right now. If we get a red/blue troop that self loops on red/blue and can use it to deal lethal damage and get an extra turn, it’d be C, maybe. Or another blue user that can deal lethal damage based on an ally’s armor while also feeding back mana and extra turns to the Champion. If ever there happens to be a blue using double converter with half mana start to knights that also benefits from a lot of red being on the board in the future it could maybe be at the high end of C… providing another more relevant troop doesn’t have the relevant tools to make this combo work with less mana cost.

If you got your hands on one you can make “effective” teams with him, but they all have to jump through more hoops than necessary to make them work compared to good mythic setups or setups that don’t use mythics at all.

Like, say, this, if you are willing to pay attention to where gems will fall with color destroyers:

Unfortunately, its probably potential capped there even with perfect synergies because the spell is high enough cost (possibly even with a potential half mana) to need to be set up and the best it can then do is set up something else that can act as a win condition while possibly stalling with defense buffs, whereas good mythics like this that you set up either actively contribute to the win condition or are the win condition, and the fringe viable ones stall by disabling, which scales much better than a self defense buff.

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Basically, that’s what my proposed team does, sorta. Self-feeds the Red to Gaard, feeds Blue to Doomed Blade and uses leftover Reds and Red storm Red to do some very high damage with a Doomed Blade alignment.

Unfortunately, it also pigeonholes Astra for the sole purpose of not making Gaard a 24 mana cast and it pigeonholes TPK to fix the board/refill Gaard/fix alignments on a 4/5 match since the hero can’t do it with Sunspear.

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I’ve only got two champion of anu, now I can do Draakulis, Cog, CoA x2 :thinking:

Draakulis + 3 Champion of Anu was a funny defense in the past

Does this list take into account defense teams? Because the new mythic seems pretty much built only for that purpose.

Thanks guys. I’m surprised nobody’s recommended a team with Tesla, which would seem to be the existing troop with the best synergy with CoG.

Not feeling the buffs to Euryali even? While I agree that there aren’t many Naga troops worth using, there are a number of good Undead troops, and doing 30+ AoE true damage, along with her other features, MIGHT get her out of “doesn’t really work” tier.

Nope, or GW, or other events where troops are restricted. It’s not an end gamer list.

You’d think it would work with Tesla, but it doesn’t. Each cast increases Tesla about 4-5 AoE True Damage at the beginning of a match with my Magic stat. (once there’s less troops, its more impressive). That’s good, but it doesn’t really help you win the match that much faster for the effort it takes to run Champion of Gaard.

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Ah, hence the presence of Settite Warrior on Mithran’s proposed team (who’s not as good as Tesla, but benefits more immediately from a CoG cast - although Tesla is doing true damage throughout…).

It’s a shame, I thought CoG’s mythic trait and ability to tank both spells and skulls might give it some niche use, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

@EliteMasterEric , that random YouTuber was me! :laughing:

I’d seen your tierlist awhile ago before I made mine, but saw no one had made a video version walking people through the ranks. I plan on putting out update videos as things change or new mythics get added for additional content.

…didn’t mean to take any of your shine, although I’m extremely happy that Tacet gave me a nod in his video.

Here’s mine for comparison:


I dunno, thinking on it more, it’s hard for me to see CoG as a D- or F-tier, if nothing else for its gem creation and traits alone. I mean, people are saying Stonehammer isn’t F-tier because of gem creation; well CoG does pretty much the same thing, while buffing red mana troops (of which there are many good ones) each turn. While you may not like its defense-oriented aspects, are they so bad as to make CoG as redundant/useless as Abynissia, Draakulis, Plague, and Tian Yi?

Ah, welcome! Hope you don’t mind me posting the image version of your list as well here:


While I’m not really a video content person, I appreciate your contributions. On your tier list, I found your placements of Voice of Orpheus, Queen of Sin, and Gard’s Avatar most interesting (as in, most uncommon compared to other opinions I’ve seen).

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Thanks for the welcome, and no issues at all with you posting the final image.

For what it’s worth I’ll be posting an updated version of the tierlist (VoO, TWQ, TWB, Zuul, Pharos-Ra all going to move around a little…and I have to add Champion of the Gaard).

Queen of Sin I think is still good at the bottom of the B-tier. Bless is an insanely strong buff to give your team, and Wrath and Lust are both high value summons (that would also benefit from the bless she generates). Her lack of loop potential is what hurts her placement the most. I wouldn’t fight anyone if they wanted her as a high C-tier. I could see the argument to be made there.

Anything lower than C-tier and I’d have to fight ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, actually.

How do you win a match? By defeating your opponents before they can defeat you. There’s no game mode where you can win by directly outstalling your opponent, yet the opponent can outstall you to the point of quitting the match.

Abynissia is an overpriced exploder but at the end of the day, an exploder still does its job.

Champion of Gaard has 3 major weaknesses; True Damage, Stun, and Transform, all of which makes its gimmick completely useless.

Coincidentally, Draakulis does True Damage and Tian Ti can stun. Plague can shrink CoG but I don’t think it can do it fast enough, not that I’ve really tested it.

I placed Stonehammer at a D and CoG is also a D.

You might be overrating Queen of Sin. On paper, she seems nice.

In practice:
20 mana fill
Average True damage to fixed targets
a 50/50 summon that doesn’t have synergy with her spell. you can’t pick what you need and you need to be losing for a summon to be valuable.
A 3rd trait that could do things but doesn’t fit her kit very well
Bless to all Daemons, which is nice but extremely niche

I’d rather have Vanya Soulmourn for similar effects or Skadi in the mythic equivelent as permanent troop movement can be very debilitating.

I’d put her in F except I can’t really put her in your F tier list.

I’ll fully acknowledge that I don’t have the strongest feelings on QoS, so I can’t super argue with any of that.

I’ll promise to use her more and see how it affects her placement before the next tierlist update.

I love the discussion around tierlists because it informs as much as it allows others to inform me.

Eveyrone wins!