Combat is too fast

Something needs to be done about the ultra-rapid speed of combat. The only way to cope with the Zajin troops is to run something even more rapid.

Or counter them with Gob-Chomper, Shadow Hunter, any of the few troops that make them attack their own team, Silent One, entangle.

Unclear what this thread was actually about…?

Game speed? That can be changed in settings…

You don’t like fighting overpowered Goblins? Join the club… But there’s loads of threads about that…

There is also a weapon called the ‘Goblin Smasher’ that is quite effective against them (hopefully you have it), and also Dark Song is good to use against Goblin teams as well.

The team I use, based on Bone Dragon, is even faster and more effective. My complaint is that the game speed is gross.

I use Goblins to attack strong players, but I’ve set up a different team as defense (a Ghulvania team, with Crimson Bat, Ghoul, Zombie and Banshee), so people attacking me can fight something different from Rock Worms and Goblins. =)

By saying “too fast” do you actually mean it is terribly slow and missing the skip-enemy-turns feature?

I’m sick waiting the gob team taking 5-10 turns in a row watching the animations over and over. I so hate when some program designer just decides for me that I need to spend 5 or 10 minutes watching what he thinks cool and just refuses to add trivial-to-develop options. Especially ones he figures almost everyone would set immediately.

I keep finding it strange worms are still mentioned. I got a single worm team in the last over 100 pvp games, maybe in 200. And that was weird too: 4 worms with all traits ascended to rare, lvl 16 no kd bonus. While gobs are like 40-50%. I also see lots of dragons.

Worms are still a thing, but hardly one I find troubling, annoyance or strength wise.

Whether it’s 3 Fully-Traited Mythic Rock Worms with a Deep Borer or Orb (or other strange variations), games always play the same.

Denying Brown = win.

Goblins are just obnoxious, not difficult, in fact I’m starting to see them as free wins. Just incredibly obnoxious.

Goblins are still the hardest for me to beat. But I’m still lv 111

I actually use the worm team on def (w/w/borer/w) maxed, 13 kd bonus, they win over half of the time. :smiling_imp:

Ha, I’ve faced similar teams, they don’t stand a chance against proper Brown Deny and my nearly full-traited team of Wildfolk+Valkyrie.

I will admit I chuckle a little inside when I hear people losing to a team so focused on a single mana color. Though I won’t deny they fill fast and hit like a hefty motorbike. :bike: