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Collecting tribute and defense wins should grant guild seals

Personally, I think the game needs some ways to get seals a little more passively like this. For instance, 2-3 seals per tribute collected, maybe 5 for a successful defend win. This would also encourage players to set up real defend teams instead of 1 troop gimmies.

I found myself grinding more than I probably would have to get the full 1500 seals last week, the first full week with seals on console - I guess I had been coasting on my tribute collections as the basis for my economy for a while. Adding some more passive ways like this would help with the guild seals so it’s not so much of a grind (I know there are many of you who get 1500 easy and probably don’t consider it a grind at all, but some of us play games in addition to GoW and would like to be able to devote a little less time to the game while still being able to max seals)

With 3 seals per tribute collected and 5 per defense win, that would have easily put me at +400 seals last week. It would also make it a little easier for the less active players to contribute more seals.

Getting seals for successful defending sounds great. I’d say 5 is a good number since it doesn’t happen often, but is valuable enough for players to consider putting strong deaf teams. But 3 sounds more reasonable since you aren’t fighting it yourself.
As for seals for collecting tributes just no.

Personally I had 60 defend wins last week, so it happens pretty often for me. Currently I’m at about 15 this week.

Why not for collecting tribute? It encourages players to log in more often. Or here’s an interesting idea, maybe only grant seals when collecting tribute when no cities actually tribute. This would help lower level players contribute seals and barely affect high level players. Yesterday I had a tribute with no cities tributing and it was a shock since it had been so long.

I don’t think I had no tributes in maybe 2 months at least. But still I’m against getting seals for tributes.
Maybe a single seal but nothing above that.

I could see 1 per tribute. Or maybe

3+ cities: 0 seals
2 cities: 1 seal
1 city: 2 seals,
0 cities: 3 seals

Would be a good way of helping out newer playing contribute to the guild. and would barely affect high level players.

Players shouldn’t be punished for having a lot of tributes so 1 seal for everyone would be OK.

Getting to 1.5k seals is really easy and doesn’t take that long.

Personally I complete every daily task and make sure i get to rank 1 in PvP by the end of the week. Ideally that alone would get you to 1500 seals. After doing that last week I had to do a good amount of extra PvP matches and explores before I maxed out, which is not ideal for me.

Getting to tier 1 by the end of the week? Well that’s very unactive. The idea is to get to tier 1 on Monday so your log in benefits get bigger.
So you aren’t playing much really or you would agree that it’s not hard at all to get to 1500 seals.

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I get so much glory from tributes a few extra by getting tier 1 early isn’t all that critical, although as an early game player I always made sure to get it early when glory was more scarce.