Collected 2 lanterns and 100 gems

Same here.
The compensation for bug is bugged a bit. :joy:


No lanterns but got 100 gems…

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Same here. No lanterns and if they weren’t added, I would doubt the gems were either.

Really? It’s a good thing I don’t care about underspire or I’d really be upset. As it is, it’s just another in a long line of screw ups. No surprise here.

Gems were added.
After just grabbing the mail and not paying attention on my main account, I specifically looked at gems before/after on my baby account - increased by 100; so it’s only the lanterns that went missing.


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@Jeto, @Kafka - so do we need to open help tockets or is this a recognized bug and you guys will try to send the lanterns out again? Thanks!

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Cross referencing this post on the same topic. Lanterns from compensation mail are not added


Not sure if it is possible, but you might want to change the topic of this post so it indicates that the lanterns were not collected.

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It’s the thought that counts I guess :rofl::rofl::rofl:

no lanterns!

Watch out, “works as intended, here’s 50 gems” are coming.

I just got a second reward for 15 torches and 2 lanterns. This time the lanterns were added to my total. I have 3 now. But my 0 torches still shows 0. LOL

Reboot the game. Torches should be added then. Worked for me.

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Same, rebooted and they were added.
Thank you devs. It may have taken two tries, but at least we got compensation, so thanks.


If I don’t use all these free lanterns (2+1) this week, can I use them next week?

In theory yes. Haven’t tried it yet.

The left-over lanterns from last week did persist and are functional this week.

As torches do not persist, why did the powers that be award more torches than could be used last week.