Clutter of excess weapons

What can be done with the excess clutter of weapons, especially the weaker ones that I will never use again. Couldn’t we trade them in for souls or combine them with other weapons to make them stronger. Also it seemed that I was invading and battling and met up with an opponent who had the same weapon optimized… Am I missing something?:japanese_ogre:

Weapon Effectiveness depends on the Magic Attribute of your Hero. And at the early tiered weapons you usually gets improved version of the same abilities as your respective Mana Mastery improves.

See a list of all weapons here:

The thing that worries me about trading in weapons for something else, is the inevitable cries for help from people who “accidentally sold weapon XYZ” and now want it back :slight_smile:


To me, it doesn’t even feel like anything you should ever be able to sell, weapons are more like a level up perk than a tradable asset. Sort of like wanting to sell the female human skin, because you never use it.

HOARD THEM! this is a game for hoarder!
Collect everything and be proud of it!

I imagine a war room full of unused weapons, carefully cleaned and meticulously aligned by my OCD’d hero.
He also has all the armors and all the troops and all the kingdoms and completed all the quests and all the challenge and all rest! :mask:

HOARD everything and join me in my megalomania!


My hero has everything stashed in the back of a cart. Then he rummages through it and the troops duck out of the way, not to be hit by a thrown Eggsplosion or Bear Totem.

That’s how I imagine calling my troops:


I get it, I’m not a newbie. I’ve beat every kingdom and every challenge. The only thing left is the arena or pvp battling or revisiting the challenges that I’ve already beaten. I just thought maybe I was missing something; guess not :japanese_ogre:

Hey, you might be missing some weapons. Gotta hoard them all. :heart_eyes: