Sell/destroy weapon

Hi there,

Could it be possible to add a feature to sell or destroy obsolete/unused weapon ?


Sometimes I’m not so sure if that’s so helpful. One of the benefits of the early weapons is that they can charge up quickly. I think it’d be more interesting to find ways to make those weapons more useful.

Selling a lot of the weapons probably wouldn’t be an easy thing to implement, because many are level-unlocked so you’d constantly be re-earning them. It’d likely require the developers to make changes to the way that weapons are catalogued so that they could account for the “sold” status. And then there’d inevitably be a desire on some people’s parts to buy weapons back if they felt they sold them prematurely, or if the weapon later got a buff (that’s happened before) that made it more useful to them.

Very true. For example, I’ve noticed that past level 100 (where the hero gets a magic boost) the very first weapon, the Crude Club, becomes useful again because it charges so fast compared to everything else.

I think a lot of the annoyance of “obsolete” weapons would be removed by being able to filter the weapons list (which may be coming in 1.0.7).

It would make sense, that if a weapon ever did become useless, that the devs would find a way to make an adjustment to that weapon in the future. I tend to also agree with LummoxJR and find it might be best to hang on to those weapons.

What might be a better solution is if we had a “favorites” list of weapons so that we can pick our weapons out of that list instead of the full list of weapons. We would still have the full list of weapons in a separate window (sort or some type of aggregated shuffle of the weapon cards). Just a thought.