[CLOSED] The Elders Recruitment Thread

The Elder Council has convened.

All interested post here or send either me or Baldred a PM.

What I’m looking for in guild members:

  • Honesty and courtesy are most important. Be respectful to fellow guild mates and members of the GoW community.
  • No performance enhancing programs allowed. Anything worth achieving is difficult, but you won’t be alone. I will help you anyway I can.
  • I would prefer friendly chatty people that bounce ideas off one another. If you’re not chatty, then be sure to check “Guild Chat” daily for any notices I may post.
  • If you’re going to be absent or otherwise engaged, please inform me on chat or via PM here. 7 days inactivity will get you demoted. 12 or more without responding to my PM results in termination.

I want a friendly/family environment for us to band together and work as a team. I believe we can achieve any goal we set as long as we have unity.

Weekly Minimums:

  • Gold: 60k / Anything above this will greatly help and will not go unrewarded.
  • Seals: 600 / The more seals you collect, the better our chances of hitting 20k chest each week.
  • Trophies: 40 / The more trophies we get, the better our daily bonus will be.

What we offer:

  • 180% daily bonus / we have achieved Elite 4 and climbing
  • Statues: Completing 2 each week and averaging 8/12 on the rest.
  • A “Kingdom Week” to allow members to work on leveling their kingdoms to 10.
  • We now reach 20k seal chests each week!
  • Rank 709 and climbing fast.

We have a great group of people that have this guild rolling up the ranks. Get in on the ground floor and help us achieve great things.

Thank you for your time and interest.


EternalElder was in my guild and I can say he will make a good GM. This guild will rise quickly. Getting in on a ground floor guild is exciting as is knowing you helped it to rise to prominence.
Don’t hesitate to join this guild!


Anyone reading this should definitely consider joining.
EE will be a great GM.


Thanks y’all.

I am a happy member of Mean Machine, but I wanted to wish you well @EternalElder!!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!! :wink:

Hi - I’d like to join if possible please. Invite code is SERANE 14


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You’re more than welcome. Are you willing to leave your guild now? I can’t invite you until you do.

Yup. Have just left.

It states you are still in another guild. Serane works but Serane 14 does not exist.

Hmmm I’ve definitely left. Ive just closed the app so will log back in and double check the invite code

Yup. Looks like SERANE 14 (with a space I think).

I’ll attach a screenshot

Welcome Serane! Invite sent.

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Thanks. I’m in

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Wish you the best, you’ll make a great gm.

I’m looking for a new guild.

I play on android with lv150, 1300+ seals, and about 250 trophies.


Invite sent sideattack.

Thank you. The vote of confidence means a lot.

I would love to join your guild if you’ll have me. Just let me know and I can leave my current guild.

On a standard week, I usually have 1500 seals and 200 trophies. My gold contributions have been down in my current guild because I’m been trying to get my kingdoms up, but I can try and contribute what you require. I currently have 6 kingdoms at 10 and the rest sitting at 5.

Mostly I’m looking for a fun and active guild that gets to 20k seals a week!

My invite code is ZIPPITY. Let me know when you need me to leave my current guild.

Is there anyway i can join too. looks like it has very nice members.
I am just a casual player . The guild i joined has 4 players who are invisible. Basically I am playing alone.

I can make 1500 seals the most in a week. You can put me as struggling player.
But I did lot of contributing for guild until i realized i was alone.
Would be grateful for ACTIVE guild and its members

Invite Code : EMERALD 16

Invites sent to @zippity and @emerald.

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