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[Closed] The Elders New Recruitment Thread

All interested, either respond here or PM myself on the forums. Let me preface this with “we are not a hardcore guild. Please know that if you join, not everyone is going to be donating 500k gold”.

We have a very family friendly environment with a great group of individuals! I would prefer chatty people that can bounce ideas off of one another. We use discord as an external chat program, but some still communicate through the in-game chat. If you don’t want to use discord, that is okay.

Minimum Requirements (They are small, but that does not mean we don’t complete tasks):

  • 60k gold
  • 600 seals
  • 40 trophies

GW battles are optional, but most people do participate. We hover between brackets 6-9 so you will receive 8k gold, 100 gems, and 16 GW troops.

What we can offer to you:

  • 320% Daily Bonus
  • All Statues Completed (with the occasional legendary task weeks)
  • We usually get 38k-40k guild seals per week.
  • Statue bonuses between 110-115.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you can be our next great member!



Brudda bump!

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Hi @Zippity

I’m playing very actively every day and reach all requirements without problems.

My invitecode is “DEMAIO”, I’m level 305.

I’m currently in a small guild but only ~5-7 members are very active, which is quite frustrating from time to time…

If you like to invite me, do I have to leave my old guild first (did not switch a guild in this manner before… :wink: ) ?

Cheerio Demaio


Same, id like to join to

Let me know if you have an opening and i will leave my current guild



Looking for two more people to join our semi casual guild. The two I recruited yesterday have already left for greener pastures.

Just know that we are not a hardcore guild when it comes to gold donations, but we complete a good amount of tasks while you get a very relaxed environment.


Friendly bump😎

We are currently looking for 1 member to round out our guild! Please see my first post for all guild requirements and what we can offer. Hopefully we will be a good fit for you!


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Please see above for what we can offer you as a guild! Looking for one more member. Come join a low requirement guild with a stress free GW attitude, and plenty of resources gained from it!

Afternoon bump!

We are looking to add one more person, as we just had someone leave the game. We have been cycling more and more new active people so I’m hoping 40k guild chests will become more regular. Come help us achieve that goal!

What we offer can be seen above.

Looking for a new member as we just had someone leave. Please read above for what we can offer!

I hope we can be a good fit for you! Morning Bump!

We are still looking to fill our last slot in the guild! We have added some great members recently and last week hit Legendary Tasks.

Our mins may be low, but most members give well over the amount. I look forward to talking to you.


Bump… Just in case you still have an open spot😎

Here… Lemme buy a round!:beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

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We are still looking for one member! Come join a great intermediate guild. Good rewards without the stress of a top guild!

Reply here or send me a PM if you would like to join!


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Come be our last member that we need to round out the team! Enjoy a good GW reward without having tough GW fights!

Let me know if you are interested!

Bumpsy Daisy

Late night bump! I’m off to bed now but can get to it in the morning! Just send me a PM

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Been playing since release, I can keep up with the lowish req’s.


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@Zippity just getting your attention brudda!

Looking for one new active member. Send me a PM or reply here if interested.

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Back In My Day

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