[PC - MOBILE] The Elders are recruiting!

Looking for a new player. All interested, either respond here or DM me.

“We are not a hardcore guild. Please know that if you join, not everyone is going to be donating 500k gold”. We have a very family friendly environment with a great group of individuals! We would prefer chatty people that can bounce ideas off of one another. We use discord as an external chat program, but some still communicate through the in-game chat. If you don’t want to use discord, that is okay.

Minimum Requirements (They are small, but that does not mean we don’t complete tasks):

60k gold (once you have all kingdoms level 10)

600 seals

What we can offer to you:

Rank 162

Guild level 1.293

We usually complete all tasks (with the occasional legendary task weeks)

We typically get 30k-40k guild seals per week, and 40k at least once a month.

Statue bonuses between 194-200.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope you can be our next great member!