[CLOSED] The Elders Recruitment Thread 2


The Elder Council has convened.

All interested either post here or send Zippity a PM.

What I’m looking for in guild members:

  • Honesty and courtesy are most important. Be respectful to fellow guild mates and members of the GoW community.
  • No performance enhancing programs allowed. Anything worth achieving is difficult, but you won’t be alone. I will help you anyway I can.
  • I would prefer friendly chatty people that bounce ideas off one another. If you’re not chatty, then be sure to check “Guild Chat” daily for any notices I may post.
  • If you’re going to be absent or otherwise engaged, please inform me on chat or via PM here. 7 days inactivity will get you demoted. 12 or more without responding to my PM results in termination.

I want a friendly/family environment for us to band together and work as a team. I believe we can achieve any goal we set as long as we have unity.

Weekly Minimums:

  • 60k gold
  • 600 seals
  • 40 trophies
  • Guild Wars. Not required but highly recommended and appreciated.

What we offer:

  • 240% daily bonus / we have achieved Master III and climbing
  • Statues: Completing between 2 - 4 each week and occasionally Legendary Tasks.
  • We now reach 35k+ seal each week and have maxed a couple times.
  • Rank 339 and climbing steadily.

We have a great group of people that have this guild rolling up the ranks. Get in on the action and help us achieve great things.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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Farewell Baldred. You will be missed.

We have one spot open. Please read the requirements above. If interested post here or send me a PM.

Thank you.

We are now full, thanks for any interest.

We are looking for an active member to help us grow further. We are now rank 339. If interested, read the requirements above and either post here or send a PM to Zippity or myself.

While not required, we would like to have you participate in Guild Wars.

Thank you

P.S. We have no level requirement and I will work with you on guild mins the first two weeks.


Friendly bump😎

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Thanks @Vangor! Don’t think this bump will spare you on Sunday in GW. We will still come out swinging!

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Please welcome our newly appointed, official, guild recruiter…Zippity! Thanks for the help my friend.


We are still looking for one more to complete our guild roster! If interested, send me a PM or reply here and I can tell you a little more about the guild or send you an invite.

A great group of people, good weekly rewards, low weekly minimums, and a no pressure guild wars atmosphere! What more could you want?



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Looks like we have another opening. So now with two spots open, we would gladly take you and your friend, or you and your spouse!

And if it is you and your spouse, you can tell me how you got your significant other to play. My wife won’t touch this game with a ten foot pole. :smile:

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My wife saw how much fun i have with GoW and finally after a year of me playing it she decided to try it. She asked me if i had room in my guild for her and she has been playing since😎


We are completing a few legendary tasks this week. So when you see 60k minimum, don’t think you won’t get any rewards. It’s quite the opposite!

Still looking for 2 more to join this awesome group of people!

Bump… Hehehehehehe

The Elders are still looking for 2 more players to join our great guild!

  • Minimums are only 60k gold/ 600 seals / 40 trophies
  • Statue levels are from 55 to 60.
  • 4 statues completed each week on average, with the other two at 10/12.
  • ~35 to 38k seals collected each week (we hit 40k last week).
  • Bracket 6 in GW means 16 troops / 8k gold / 100 gems at the end of the week, with no pressure to succeed in your battles. We just encourage all to try it out.

Send me a PM or reply here if you would like to join! I can add you as quickly as you want to. I’ll be checking here all day. I may spend too much time on these forums. :grin:

I am bumping this thread for those of you out there looking for a guild. For higher level people looking for an escape from the top end GW, or for the lower level people who are still leveling their kingdoms. We have a home for you!

Still looking for two more people to join us! See above for the requirements. It’s Tuesday, which means if you join now, you get the week off of GW, while getting all the rewards at the end of the week!

Looking for one more to join our ranks! We are a fun, laid back group of people! See above posts for more information about the guild!

We have one spot open. Our minimums are reasonable, guild wars is not mandatory (but recommended), our people are friendly and helpful, and I hear the Guild Leader is a character. :laughing:

Help us grow and we’ll help you in return.



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