(closed) The Black Pearl is looking for crew! (30/30 :gem_skull: GW Bracket 4 #31)


no more free spots left




Hi guys… can i join? iam active player! and i can make the requieriments
This week i made 380+ trophy, and more than 500k gold
iam lvl 105
iam cute :slight_smile:

invite code GALEGO
ty guys!
PS - i dont have guild for now, cz i quit from mine!


We have one free spot


invite code: Megashield

Am stronk and can provide lots of gold + trophies!


invite sent


no more free spots left


hi are you again slot ?
i am lvl 573 all 23 kingdom lvl 10


no free spots yet


Hi , i player LvL 185, i can contribute with 300k gold and 300 trophies weeak
Invite code : DRAKEHERO


@porei: I sent you a PM… :slight_smile:


Hi there i would be looking to join your guild if you had a free spot? Ive just hit lvl140 and have 3 kingdoms left to hit 10. Can donate a Minimum of 300k and 300 trophies. Let me know if you are interested so i can leave my current guild. Invite code is SKITZZO. Thanks


we don’t have free spots at the moment


We have one free spot


I would like to join a guild, are there any folks on here playing in Xbox?


This this a PC/Mobile guild. I don’t think someone playing on XBox, 'cause you can’t use the same account, so spreading time between two accounts isn’t very effective


no more free spots left


We have one free spot


Invite code DUFFMORE level 528


no more free spots left