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(old thread) The Black Pearl (closed)

Recruitment Moved!



Ahoy Matey!

We are looking for active people to join our crew of swashbucklers.

We are a GW oriented guild consisted mostly of veteran players, but newcomers are welcomed too.
We don’t care about league position, so we won’t ask you to grind trophies.
But we do care about fare gold contribution and GW participation.
We complete all statue tasks, do a few legendary every week, and get 40k seals almost all the time, especially on mythic weeks.

We take Guild Wars seriously!
GW Brackets 3-4

Minimum requirements:
weekly trophies: 0 (No Trophies Requirements! Play the Way You Like!)
weekly gold: 450k+
weekly seals: 1200+
GW Sentinels: Level 3
GW Participation: 30 battles

weekly trophies: 100+ (pvp rank 1)
weekly gold: 600k+
weekly seals: 1500
GW Sentinels: Level 4
GW Score: 25 000+

Suggested minimum level: 500
Suggested armor: Dragon

Leave your Level and Invite Code below.

You can also apply here:

Did I Like… Missed something?

Dunno. You are the attack helicopter. If your targeting is off, you are the best equipped to notice.

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And I think we still have two spots open with a third opening soon?

Do I need to make a steam account to apply?

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Nope, just need to give me the invite code and be ok with the rules:

  • Spend at least 400 gold for every key you get from the guild.
  • 5000 gold entry fee for fresh recruits ( it WILL be counted toward your key payments)

Suggested min level: 75

Great assuming a spot is open so I’m leaving my current guild.

Invite code BLARG_2

Yarrrg! Arm yer blunderbusses mateys!

invite sent

and now I can go to bed :slight_smile:

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Do we have a place to chat? Or just the in game chat function?

We have the steam group, but I for one always forget to check it.
So mostly we use the ingame chat.

Facebook slowly waves at you.

facebook… meh :unamused:

I don’t see why in-game chat can’t be used for that, especially after it was separated from “activities”.

you can subscribe to everything you want in steam so you won’t have to check it :grin:

The in game chat is fine as long as you’re active. Doesn’t keep history well nor can be used for longer posts.

Facebook I won’t use; it’s intrusive and leaves a large digital footprint.

I will make a steam account thanks.

One free spot has just opened up

still looking for active crew members!


2 spots are available

Invite send.
Just make sure you check the contribution requirements. There is a tiny.url in the guild announcement in-game as well with a link to all the info you may need.

no more spots left

One free spot has just opened up

I would be interested in joining
I have read the requirements, I can meet them
One question, when do you check the gold (hopefully per week, rather than daily) or is there some sort of weekly count/checklist/reminder to make sure the requirement is surpassed?
Fairly new (daily) player
Level 122 currently
2 Kingdoms to level 10 (20 Kingdoms, 121 Troops)