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🏴‍☠ The Black Pearl is looking for deck hands (28/30)

Ahoy Matey!

We are looking for active people to join our crew of swashbucklers.

We are a GW oriented guild consisted mostly of veteran players, but newcomers are welcome as well.

We’re here to pillage and plunder every weekly event game throws at us and have fun while doing it. GW is our priority (bracket 3). Other events have flexible minimums, it’s OK to play less in one but more in other or skip a week and catch up later.
We don’t care about league position, so we won’t ask you to grind trophies.

We share our teams and help each other out. We use guild chat only - so no apps or discort needed! We do have a guild page going where we track game stats and make events like the tower a breeze.

The Booty:
All guardians level 200, currently standing at 1460K trophies.
All the normal tasks done by Monday, 15+ legendary every week.
40k seals almost every week. On mythic weeks over 40k by Thursday.

The Codex:
Weekly gold: 450k+, Weekly seals: 1200+
Weekly trophies: 0 ( No Trophies Requirements! Play the Way You Like! )
GW Sentinels: Level 3, GW Participation: 30 battles
Other events: flexible minimums. 11800 points in raid, 120 towers in invasion, 16 dooms in tower

The ideal candidate would be someone past lvl 600 who can hold their own in Guild Wars.

Leave your Level and Invite Code below, or message me directly.

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As of yet still looking for fresh new crew to keep our deck sparkly clean.