The Black Pearl is looking for crew! (FULL)



Ahoy Matey!

We are looking for active people to join our crew of swashbucklers.

We are an old and established guild consisting mostly of veteran players, but newcomers are welcome too.
We don’t care about league position, so we won’t ask you to grind trophies.
But we do care about guild events.

We take Guild Wars seriously!
GW Bracket 3-4

The Booty:

  • all task/statue/guild event rewards
  • 15+ legendary tasks a week
  • 40k seals weekly
  • max level statues

The Codex:

  • weekly trophies: none. Play how you like!
  • weekly gold: 450k
  • weekly seals: 1200
  • GW: lvl3+ sentinels, all battles
  • Guild events: at least the free battles

Ideal candidate would be someone past lvl 800 who can hold their own in Guild Wars.
If you’d like to join us, please post your level and your Invite Code below.

You can also apply here:

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My Level is 1127 atm.

I am Looking for an active Guild and my invite code = RTFM88_1

Thanks so far :wink:


Thank you, but full already. Good luck looking :slight_smile:


We have one more open spot.


Level: 987
invite code: KANU7


Hi. Invite sent.


We have a spot coming up on Sunday.


One spot open.



lvl 784


Hi! Invite sent.


One more spot opened up.


I’m not level 500 but I’m hoping to join a great guild that I can stay with. I’m on, several hours a day, every single day. I haven’t exactly tracked it, but it feels like I’m gaining 4-6 levels per day. I’ve been changing guilds a few times lately, hoping to find one where I’m not the highest point bringer the same week I join. IF you have an opening now, I would love to join, IF not, please keep me in mind for later. Thanks.



Hi, you’re welcome to join. Let me know when you leave the current guild and I will invite.


Thanks. I have left the guild.


Invite sent.


One spot opened up.


Two, count them, TWO spots open! That’s practically once in a lifetime event and you really should not miss it. :slight_smile:



Level 1125

I’m currently without a guild I was in rank 22 but left due to trophy demand


Hi, sent you an invite.


Thankyou will make sure I fully participate after this week as unable to join guild wars mid week