Who want a +1000 player

Hi, my current guild seems really bled out, no progress last year,
so I want out to a rewarding friendly guild.

I do 1500 seals, 500 k gold, pvp I guess 200 a week ? never noticed…:slight_smile:

Who has a spot and wants me ?

contact me, want to change today !!!

Hey Ruiter I’m from Dragon’s peak.
We have a spot open if u interested.
But we do 1M Gold.

HI Demigod,

offcourse I like your guild!

but the 1.000.000 gold I cannot do,certainly with summer comin up and a lot of day on the motorbike ahead.

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Black Pearl would be happy to have you. We’re looking for someone who plays all guild events and likes the GW challenge. Requirements - 450k gold/1200 seals, GW, minimums in events. We are an old and established guild with mostly veteran players and some new ones in the mix and breeze through all the guild events every week. If that sounds good to you let me know and I’ll send an invite :slight_smile:


Hi Praam, I really like that offer, and the conditions !!

No.1 choice for me now !
In the afternoon I’ll be on the PC, and I’ll do wath’s needed to be able to change, OK ?

I’ll contact you again then, thanx mate !

Hi Praam,

managed to leave my guild right now,
so available to receive your invite if you will

Hi Ruiter,
great to hear! Invite sent.