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Level 1058 daily player need new guild

Hi … im looking for a new guild.
My task now are 100 trop. 1500 seals and 400.000 invest.
Also do gw and every needed rec.
Invite BURN_14


The Black Dragon Court is looking for members in every guild, you will for sure find one that suits your possibilities

You will find a wonderful group of established and competitive guilds, all in a friendly and cooperative group

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Black Pearl would be happy to have you. We’re looking for someone who plays all guild events and likes the GW challenge. Requirements - 450k gold/1200 seals. We are an old and established guild with mostly veteran players and some new ones in the mix and breeze through all the guild events every week. If that sounds good to you let me know and I’ll send an invite :slight_smile:


If you are interested, we are in need of a new player. Weekly requirements are 850,000 gold, 1,500 seals, and guild event participation. We do not have a trophy requirement, so you are free to play the game as you like. Many legendary tasks completed every week. Let me know if you’re interested, otherwise good luck on your search.