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Cloak of Invisibility, Pendant of Immunity


Cloak of Invisibility: 7 days for $5

  • Invading teams cannot see your defensive team. (Can be used to prevent counters: Anti-Knight, Anti-Goblin and so forth…)

Pendant of Immunity: 7 days for $10

  • You cannot be invaded. (Stole this idea from the 505 playbook)

Immunity is not even a game breaker… looks like on console the average incoming invasion count is around 100-120 per week. And I estimate each loss amounts to 5-10 points making the point range 500-1000 which is far from game breaking.


Best Wishes,

No one will pay for “Pendant of Immunity”, it just makes no sense. You said it yourself, the point loss is pretty much non-existent. People who “race” for top10 don’t feel the loss of those points at all, those who don’t race for top100, don’t care either (and they lose A LOT less, since they get attacked a lot less too).

Furthermore, being attacked is what gives you Revenge / Rival battles = more glory. Why would anyone pay to have that taken away :stuck_out_tongue: while people deliberately set single troop defenses to gather as many of those as possible.

Personally I don’t see much point in the Cloak either, but I can imagine you could find some people who’d pay for that feature anyway.

e/ well, to be fair (and against my personal opinion from the very start of this post) some people would probably pay for the Pendant too … not because it makes sense, but because they have no clue (the same reason ppl are actually buying gold for $$$).


I was about to say the same thing regarding revenges. If anything I’d pay for a “bullseye” buff where I get targeted more. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lyya ,

Actually… I was thinking of another idea where each guild could appoint several members to a new “Defender” rank and allow guilds to directly challenge an entire guild. If the challenge was accepted… the appointed defenders would be the first to take the incoming invasions. They are the ‘front line’. (It makes a guild rank that actually does something…)

It would be a process of elimination… 30 invaders against 30 defenders (AI of course) and when you lose… you are eliminated and can no longer invade or take part in the challange. Last guild standing wins glory and PvP points.

Btw, this is a great competition for the elite players that only play 6-8 hours per week. I know litterally dozens of players with elite teams… high VIP ranking… that simply cannot play 40 hours per week. As the game is designed now… those playing 30-40 hours per week are on top.

Plot twist:
The #1 guild cannot deny the challenge… it is auto-accepted! :imp:

Just another idea. :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,

Another problem with the pendent is that if people actually used it, it would make the problem of fighting a small group of the same players worse. Your invade pool is already limited by who is playing around the same time as you and their team power. So, allowing more people to drop out of that pool will worsen the situation.