Class Tie debacle

So on xbox there was a 16 way tie I was going to be 17 but before I could tie 2 people from a rival guild started playing again and so I guess if you are planning to go to sleep be careful who you trust. I was not looking to go nuts but the Fake News will say I ruined the Tie and I have already got a PM from another guild saying it was me. If it was me I would have gotten the power orb but I cant catch someone that’s a moving target. That person threw the other 15 under the bus its as simple as that. I was told in a pm that I called out on it that I cant join a tie unless I get someones permission. I will tell you this I will not ask for anyones permission to tie for starters Im not a dang child.

It is probably a complete waste of time to reply to this, but what the heck. I happen to have a bit of time at the moment.

There are so many things wrong with this post that I will not even attempt covering everything. From the factual inaccuracies to the attitude, basically everything about it is incorrect.

But I just want to offer one item for consideration.

I’m not saying that is actually what happened here, but I just think it is worth considering: maybe, just maybe, it is not some giant conspiracy from some rival guild keeping you down because you are a member of some other guild. Maybe it’s you, just you. Maybe you have a reputation for being, you know, a bit of a jerk to some people and maybe, just maybe, some people don’t trust you.

So, with that reputation, when you make a last-minute push at a group with which you are out-of-sync by 13 points with 19 battles to go, well, maybe that spooked some people. You might have been able to quell their concerns, but their several attempts to communicate went unanswered by you. Hmm. Maybe there is something you could have done after all.

But most of all, maybe treat others a little better than you have in the past and you will get the benefit of the doubt you seem to believe it is your right to expect.

Anyway, just a bit of advice. I hope it helps you.


Let me answer that with if you wait and then get passed you then can call me a jerk. I have never broke a tie. I have had people from your guild pm me because they thought I was trying to brake a tie. I hardly have time for class because I normally work on Thursday so can’t participate. This class I had hardly started so I was going for 1st and if that was a tie so be it. I only need 1 Orb and you won’t see me again. I don’t need 30 power orbs or need more than 1 Zul. I do not even care about the gems I only care about the time. I was doing Math and had stopped for 5 minutes when I had no choice but to start playing because 2 people started moving. Why did the other 15 not start playing. They actually most of them probably need the Orb like me. If I did not need it I would not be selfish and try to stop someone from it. That is being a jerk not me. No one contacted me. I contacted the person that went nuts and she said I needed permission to Tie. There was a 2 way tie because I Stopped to let the other person pass me otherwise there would have only been 1 person get Orb.

Excellent. I’m glad the XBox guilds are actually smart enough to pull this off.

When I suggested this was a good way to promote your guild, all the PC/Mobile guild leaders were like, “Sorry, that sounds like work and normally people don’t like to talk to me. I think it’s because I’m too good at being a leader. Anyway, if I tried to tell my guildmates to make a tie you’d probably see 17 new records for descending highest scores, not 17 ties, we’re too good at the game to tie.”

Lol this is the funniest thing i readed today ty for the good laugh rojo and sly you guys should be in the same guild with your big ego


Nothing good will come of this. Please work out your dispute in private.