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Right now on Guild Wars

I’m more frustrated than an armless Elf in a tree hugging competition. It’s an unfortunate situation, certainly, but perhaps the Elf wouldn’t be armless had I read previous GW topics.

While we won our xbox bracket last time (b47), we did not jump as far as the previous b47 winner; they went to b30, and now b14. We made it only to b39, where we met the b51 winner.

How could this happen? We raged, and raged. And in our rage, we amassed a score that would qualify for 6th in b1, 3rd in b2, and 1st in b3. (Currently, not all scores are in. Results not typical. B39 opponents do not use meta defenses. Blah blah blah, back story)

Other forum topics outlined bracketology. (citations needed). Suffice to say, our margin of victory wasn’t as great as it will be this time. We have more points than the rest of the guilds combined. x3 the score of the runner up.

We’ll continue to bang our headz against whatever wall 505 tries to throw in front of us. We may not be ready for b1 yet, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.

Chunky’s Raiders, for the Horde.

Disclaimer: No Elves were harmed in the making of this forum thread. They were harmed in battle, as is tradition.


I’m not trying to be demeaning in any way, but there is really no way to compare a B39 or B47 score to any score in the top 10 brackets (on pc/mobile at least - I don’t know where that divide falls on Xbox), let alone B1-B3. Your 1m points down there is nothing to 700k points up top. But you’ll see that once you get up there because it sounds like potentially another 2 GW should put you in or just outside top 10 brackets.

The other guild that advanced further than you probably slaughtered the bracket by a larger margin and there may have been other guilds on the brackets aroind you that did the same that jumped them ahead of you, reducing your jump by a few brackets.

Just be careful what you wish for…you may regret getting there :wink:

Good luck!

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Thank you for the reply. We’ll no doubt have a rough go of it shortly. We were disappointed we didn’t move farther, but some of the other GW threads pointed out the margin of victory and percentage of total bracket score factors into the methodology.

I’d post links, but my brain doesn’t function that way. I’ve fought in b1 before, but that was before Rope Dart and Life and Death metas. Some of our boyz may never be ready for that.

We just want to get to the biggest fights. We’ve been grinding thru dead guilds since Feb. It was a bit frustrating to see other guilds advance more rapidly, but at least now we understand why. We will adjust accordlingly.

Good luck to you as well, and thanks to the related forum thread contributors.


Glad to hear it’s “only” going to take you 9 months to get up there and not 3 years like it would have before they made the changes. The nice thing is you’ll stay up in a range of higher brackets forever unless more than half your guild bails on GW completely. So you’ll never drop more than a handful of brackets to have to make back up.

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We actually formed as a 2 person guild in Sept 2018, back when GW was every 3 weeks. We advanced several bracket thru Jan, navigating dead guilds (except one guild of 23 whooped us good, beat our defenses 114/1).

In Jan 2019, my brother and his 2 boys joined, but it wasn’t until Feb/Mar that we finally got a full guild. We were 2nd in Feb, but won every bracket since except b88…that guild is the latest winner of b14, while we are the winners of b39. The third runner up lost to us in b84 without ever getting a chance to vs us in b88 or 84. I feel that was unfair to them.

Our final score of 1.3 mil was an increase of 19% over our previous GW, so maybe we skip more than 8 brackets. It’s been a frustrating time finding adequate competition tho. One guild in b47, the 2 in b88 (which we didn’t get to vs the 1 twice), the 1 in Feb and 1 in 2018.

Five worty guild opponents in 13 months; I don’t even know how many dead guilds that would make. And now the devs are thinking to allow dead guilds to linger longer. It’s the Elves that will suffer. Won’t anyone think about the Elves? @Saltypatra Please do not implement 27/27 scoring. @Ozball

How is this connected to the rest of your text?
Asking as a bracket 1 Guildleader who is looking forward to 27.

Dead/dying guilds will have higher scores because they will have three less 0s. We will advance slower because 3 of our scores will not count towards the overall margin of victory / % of total points in bracket. Stuck fighting dead guilds until 2020.

Then you should be asking for them to adjust the margin of victory requirements to go up several brackets accordingly, so up and coming guilds aren’t affected negatively, and everyone is happy… no reason not to implement the 27/30 score


We will see tbh i see other reasons to not implement it OR if we gotta do that then would like more the “Troy” way and taking only the highest score.

Unless you’re into a high militarized guild where all are focused on GW (OR a guild with high reqs about it, like 50k minimun) seen now some score wont get taken in account am pretty sure some ppls will start to gaff about it “anyway my score wont be counted”, both about doing the matches and sentinels too (and so they spend ZERO while still getting full prize same as those upping sentinels, that remind, arent just to help “you” win easier but also give bonus to higher ranked members of your guild and make harder for enemy guilds members go 30/0).

But w/e, grats and all those accounts sharers/shareplayers that now dont have to spend whole weekend (just 90% of it from now on) doing GW’s for the whole guild.

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I suppose I could ask the devs to do that, or perhaps take it on good faith they’ll do it on their own. I saw that Gems is celebrating their 5 year anniversary, and yet there is no Orc class yet, so not everyone will be happy even if GW adjustments are made.

Guilds that want 27/30 will encounter the same problems. People go on holiday, get hospitalized, suffer natural disasters, rage quit games. It’s a slippery slope, 24/30 anyone?

I believe that guilds that can field 30 players should not be penalized because other guilds cannot. We will adjust, and as @vanyel said to me earlier, be careful what you wish for. :blush::+1:

I’m wishing for an Orc Hero class that isn’t disappointing, and I hope we’ll all be happy in 2020. gl hf

Thats not the point about 27/30.
No Top Guild will go down to 27 players, you will allways try to have 30 active players in GW, but it is no longer mandantory like now.
One Player in holiday is a risk, two are a killer in the top brackets.
Dead Guilds wont even get 5 active players and this rule is for all guilds, so your connection to your GW rise doesnt fit.

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It does fit if the metric for rising is not simply “the score your guild gets”, or even the “placement achieved,” but rather “your guild’s margin of victory.

If Chunky’s got 3 orcs at the bottom rungs of his 30-person guild who still manage to score about 30k points apiece, he’ll have a margin of victory nearly 100k points smaller than it would have otherwise been. It won’t affect his ability to score first, sure—but it will affect how much his guild rises after the fact unless some sort of adjustment is made to the current bracket system.

For the Horde. Cake and pie. Punch some elves :facepunch:


Tyvm, I tried to say it better myself, but small brains, large fists. Much obliged. :blush::+1:

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