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Class leveling

Some guild mates told me that an upcoming patch could see more grinding for class levels. Is this true? I looked around the forum, and couldn’t find anything concrete about it.

Can a link be provided if this is true?

Thanks All!!

You can first ask the guild mates :thinking:


But… you should always grind class levels, you’ll eventually need them for kingdom power levels. A pretty good approach is to always slot in a class not yet at 100 for events/dungeons/delves/adventures/pet rescues.

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They weren’t able to provide me with anything specific, or a link to it. Rather, it was something they came across. That’s why I was checking the forums :slight_smile:

I have been working on leveling my classes already. I’m just interested in preparing myself and the other guild members should the grind increase more than it currently is.

I assume that no one has heard anything and it’s pure rumor/speculation then…

Right now you can max out all the classes in just 171,700 battles. Even less than that if you do it in events and PVP. Any more than that would be too grindy according to Sirian.

“It shouldn’t take mawah than 200,000 battles. Fahkin’ fair dinkum mate.” was his exact quote when asked about it on stream.


Class boosting is a pure biatch now. Explore was meant to slow us down and it’s been extremely successful. If I ever get another nysha token I will be amazed.

wait… I have been seeing you complaining for weeks now, right? I dont think you should be playing this if this is that disappointing for you.

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I don’t take it as complaining, but asking how much more the devs are slowing down the game and if true. I assume one of his guild mates is apart of the new beta team and maybe he is hearing some chatter.

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I just think the grind is becoming significantly less productive in terms of progression. So far I have 38 troops fully medalled but in doing so have only secured 1 nysha badge. There are many players who have 3 or more nysha medals and I find my RNG drop rate perplexing to say the least. As far as class boost goes, it’s no big deal as far as I am concerned because pets and writs are the obvious way in which Kingdom progression is slowed down. I haven’t found a pet gnome now in 5 weeks despite reaching tier 1 pvp and beyond. For me gnomes have practically disappeared in general and only daily offers give pet opportunities that tempt me to sink more gems. Complaining? Maybe somewhat but this is my general gems experience of late…grinding for nothing. Where’s the fun in that and what incentive is there to do more of the same when it’s becoming obvious that ninja nerfs are increasing and thwarting players in general.?