Class Change Quality of Life Improvement

So someone in the alliance just mentioned this.

When you play the events, like Invasion, Raid, etc, it doesnt auto assign classes, which is fine do it yourself I guess.

But when you go to set a class, it says Change, which leads you to the understanding a class is already assigned.

Instead, why not change the wording to Assign.

This works on both fronts, as you are assigning that class to that team. You dont need to change anything. While it is a chance in class per team, you are simply assigning each class to each team.


+1. It would also make sense to warn the user if he’s proceeding into battle with a team with a hero assigned to it but no class. That would in no circumstance ever make sense to do so. This warning could occur via pop up with a message along the lines of “You’re about to enter into battle with no class assigned to your hero, do you wish to proceed?”.