Can I change the class of my hero globally once?

Can I change the class of my hero globally once?
I have leveled up to 100 levla one class and I want to switch to another, why should I choose for each fight (if I don’t forget my class), there should be such an option, once everyone has cleaned it up

If there is no such possibility, then do it.

You cannot change class globally since the latest update. The change was probably one of the most requested, and least controversial.

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It’s easy to do.

Assign different classes to different teams, and simply change the team to rhe relevat class team before a fight.

Also the team change is persistent, so if you choose team 1 in explore, you’ll prolly still use the same team in pvp as well.

So now you change teams, instead of changing classes as it was.
And it’s free, no more one free change/24 hours, and 50 gems/change inbetween.

So this solution is here to stay, as it benefits the absolut majority of the players.

If you assign a hero to a team, but don’t use hero in team you still get class wins towards 250 win weapon unlock.

I think “players who use the same class for every team” are probably in the minority. Maybe I’m wrong. But here’s why I don’t like the idea of this feature:

16 of my slots are Guild Wars teams. Not all of them use the same class, and each one is using that class for a strategic reason, not because I want to level. A few of my other slots are teams that only work if they have a particular class, such as Skeleton Key or Dragon’s Eye.

So I wouldn’t even be able to use this feature, because it would change all my GW teams and I’d have to go back and update them. I don’t need or want all of my teams to be the same class.

I’m curious how many people are in my boat vs. “Nah I just set the same class to everything”.

I initially wanted this option as well (in addition to the awesome new system, although not 100% sure how it would be implemented), in a similar way to @AmberPeacemaker, I think, since I used to say, “Okay, I’m going to level X class for a day or two” (and I don’t need to fuss about too much with changing classes for guild events).

I haven’t found it to be much of an issue, though, since that initial reaction on day 1. I find switching class to be easy, especially since the Troops menu doesn’t lag the way it used to.