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Chunky mono: 30 for 30

and so I spoke, and so I spoke
“You know I know no fear”
but now the rains fall o’er my guilds
with not an Orc to hear

What if I told you, the worlds greatest swordsman, didn’t even have a sword…

I’d say I never had much use for one. I never said I didn’t know how to use one. Hammers are my thing. And axes. Nuthin beats a good axe. Except a hammer, of course.

A Rage-full friend of mine told me she was tired of all these stoopid Orcses who thinks there is nothing to this game outside of Guild Wars. I may be stoopid, but that doesn’t mean we (sorry if I’m speaking for all Orcses here) don’t think there aren’t other things to do. We just don’t care to do those things.

Chunky’s Raiders: Strength and Honor
Chunky’s Vindicators: Fortune and Glory

If you own an Xbox, and can stay connected 30 minutes straight (a difficult task in 2021) to fight 30 GW battles, win or lose, we’d love to have you join the Horde.

If you don’t own an Xbox, but you can read guild chat and can make 6 defensive teams using 24 unique troops and/or weapons, then you have a shot of outscoring 6, maybe 7, members of our current roster. So go get yourself an Xbox, create a gamertag, and join the Horde.

30 players, playing 30 minutes, fighting 30 battles…join the Horde, and we will become unstoppable*.

*Unless the game continues to kick us back to the loading screen. Nasty Elvses are tricksy and false. We hates them forever.

Gold: 420
Seals: 420
Trophies: 4 and 20

Alts welcome.
Elves, Fey, and Blue Mana users welcome. (Fight well, we’ll most likely loot your corpses in the morning. Warg’s gotta eat, same as the Drake.)

In Mordor, the Warg lives for three years, the Drake for nine
Shadow of War fans know what I’m talking about. Speaking of which, I have a score to settle with Celebrimbor. For what is justice, if not the hammer to beat down the proud nail.

GT: chunky mono
GW begins in 21 days (from the date of this post…I used to know how to code a date/time group…so many brain cells ago)…08 Mar 2021. gl hf