Game Fatigue - Semi-Retirement Guild

Hello everyone,
Been playing the game for a couples of years, I still love the game but the grinding for 500K+ Gold, 1500 Seal,… is getting to me. I want to play at my rate, have time to finish my underworld, do some explore. With my kingdom level, I can easily give 100K a week without playing. All I am looking is a guild that cares about finish the blue gem, so that I can buy that weeks new weapon.
Do you know of such a guild or other fatigue player would join me (already have someone else) in a guild for that?

There are a few out there. What’s your invite code and I’ll invite you to one I’m in so you can check it out. Several of us in same mindset are there.

For any Xbox players, Chunky’s Raiders has no gold requirements. Dump your gold into delves, or upgrade your kingdoms to 15: we don’t care. We finish basic Blue tasks and sometimes a few others.

Bracket 16 in GW and climbing. Events optional, usually finish ToD.

For invite, send code to GT: chunky mono. For the Horde. (Now accepting Elves, Fey, and Users of Blue Mana)

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this is a troll. exact same copy paste message from another poster on the forums. i offered a guild with those exact goals, he didnt respond then went on to pretend like no one has such a guild. saw the exact same copy/paste post on redit, same situation.

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Blue mana users!?! Say it ain’t so Horde-Lorde :scream:


Hi HugeOgre,

I received your message,
1- your guild have requirements 100K gold and 750 seals and that’s why it was ignored. I am tired of grinding, and the seal is the grinding part sorry. I had to use orb to make it > 1000!
2- Yes I did post on reddit, I will look again, but never received any notification of reply there!

Nah, just want to continue to get enough gem to buy the weekly new weapon in case it’s good. Only reason. I am more a red/black player in my teams!

We’ve never had Blue Mana users in da Raiders before. We thought we’d try it one time. We’ll most likely loot their corpses in the morning, Dread Pirate Roberts-style.

Thanks for joining Elves and Fey. Good on ya, sleep well.

We’ll most likely loot their corpses in the morning as well. Nasty Elveses.

That Gamer Tag again: Chunky mono. Still spots available. Apply today.

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