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Looking for an XBOXONE Guild

Moderate reqs. 50K gold/wk or so. Level 1028. Prefer larger group. 20 or more active carrying their weight. Been looking @ Dark Alliance.

Linking the above to put you in easy contact both with our guild’s lead recruiter (and recruitment banner), as well as a friend who might have a spot for a good orc or goblin (as long as you don’t use blue mana too much… :wink:)

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Chunky’s Raiders has moderate reqs. Basic Blue tasks done weekly.

We were 74th on Doom LB last week, but might have burned ourselves out on that. Casual guild, non-GW events optional. Spend your gold on Kingdom or Delve Hoard upgrades.

Good luck, and always have fun. For the Horde.

We full, but message Gamertag: Chunky Mono if interested and we’ll make room.

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