Word Salad Man Spam Rants: Rant if U like, mute if U Want

"Editor's Note" (Please click to expand/contract):

While this thread is intended for the existing Xbox player-base, the Leadership Team (LT) would like to extend it’s Base. All Gamers, Hard-core (often insulted as Try-Hards), Whales, F2P, P2W, Casual, regardless of platform, are welcome to join in the discussion, and hopefully, some day, the Guilds. Guild Requirements are listed below. Tyvm for reading.

:slight_smile: Don’t have an Xbox? The series X is difficult to find at the moment, but perhaps in the future it will be more readily available.
:slight_smile: Prefer to stay on PS, Switch, or Pc/Mobile? Perhaps some day this game will allow cross-platform compatibility. If we dream it, we can achieve it.

Spoilers will often arise. New Gamers might not have the same Life Experience/Opportunity. The LT will try to pass on its “Best Learned Practice”, but that might “Ruin the Experience” for Gamers that prefer to “Learn as they Play”. To that end, Spoilers in this thread and other will be blurred. Click once to unblur, twice to reblur. Please try that here. Tyvm. Mission Accomplished. (Ntoo)

“We all Friends”: The LT believes the World is divided into three (3) categories: Friends (To include both Members or Former Members of the Horde, and/or those outside the “Chunky Family of Guilds (or Horde)” willing to enter friendly or potentially passionate debates, Potential Friends, and Blue Mana-users.

If Potential Friends have a question about terminology or Technical Jargon used in this thread, please check here first. Terms may have different meanings in different countries or social settings.

Blue Mana Users welcome. The LT tries to avoid using Blue Mana. Sometimes it gets hacked. If Blue Mana Users prefer to use Blue Mana while in the Chunky Family of Guilds, the LT would like to remind the Gamer “There are five other colors from which you may choose. Please feel free to use Blue if you like. We commend all Gamers who follow their own course of action, Do as U like, Play the way U wish to play”. Choice is Good.

“I just want to play”: A statement by the Nephew of the LT. This is our Key Concept, and one of the founding principles of our Horde.

Additional Information from the Editor

Play when U can, Leave when U like. Guild Hoppers welcome, but if U opt out during an Active GW, the LT will remember U.
The LT understand RL Issues often intrude upon the Game. If we remove you after 2 GW in which U the player neither contributes to the fight, nor provides a reason as to why, U are still welcome back at any time. Fool us three times tho, and the LT will remember.

Additional information to be posted at a later date.

Technical Jargon, Definitions, and Spoiler Alerts

Participation in Guild Chat is not required but highly recommended.
LT: Leadership Team.
RL or IRL: Real Life or In Real Life
Gamer(s): Any person/place/thing that is able to fight 30 GW battles for the Horde
Gl;hf: Good luck, have fun. Always.
Ntoo: No, the other one. There are many Hordes, this one is ours. The LT believes Gamers can be a positive force for change. If an Outsider thinks that is not the definition of a Horde, we would ask that you remember the possibility that there are multiple definitions, and multiple timelines (allegedly) There are many Hordes, and we are not that horde, we are the other one. (ours)
Horde: A collective group of Gamers who band together for the common Good
Gud: Good as translated to Orcish (Ntoo)
Orcish: Orcs exist in many forms of games, and speak many forms of Language. Orcs of the Warhammer franchise have had the most influence on the LT, but WarCraft, LotR, Dungeons and Dragons, and other sources have made an positive impact on the development of the LT. Language is a constantly evolutionary, living thing. Terms used in this Horde, this timeline, might not exist or may have different meanings. Please remember this as our Potential Friends express their beliefs.

Additional terms will be added as they are introduced. Please check back frequently. Also, Be Advised: These terms have different meanings in different social settings.

Please use caution: We are not a Cringe-focused Guild. The LT still hopes to someday recruit its Niece and/or Nephew into the Guild; the LT does not always know if the players are over 18. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was how the LT was trained, and that has always been its core belief. Games for the Gamers.

Cue the music (disclaimer to follow)

U little ish u didn’t now U should’ve talked to me
Do u prefer movies, books or TV…


Intro Announcer: “What if I told you, the worlds greatest swordsman, didn’t even have a sword”…

I’d tell the announcer I never had much use for one. I never said I didn’t know how to use one. Hammers are my thing. And axes. Nuthin beats a good axe. Except a hammer, of course. I am conceited? Yes I am. I am also meek and mild at times. Join the Horde, let’s get together and get to know each other better.

A Rage-full friend of mine told me she was tired of all these stoopid Orcses who thinks there is nothing to this game outside of Guild Wars. I may be stoopid, but that doesn’t mean we (sorry if I’m speaking for all Orcses here) don’t think there aren’t other things to do. We just don’t care to do those things.

Chunky’s Raiders: Strength and Honor (Guild no longer under Chunky’s Thumb. In truth, it never was)
Chunky’s Vindicators: Fortune and Glory

If you own an Xbox, and can stay connected 30 minutes straight (a difficult task in 2021, especially on outdated Routers/Modems) to fight 30 GW battles, win or lose, we’d love to have you join the Horde.

If you don’t own an Xbox, but you can read guild chat and can make 6 defensive teams using 24 unique troops and/or weapons, then you have a shot of outscoring 6, maybe 7, members of our current roster. So go get yourself an Xbox (please), create a gamertag, and join the Horde. (if U like)

30 players, playing 30 minutes, fighting 30 battles…join the Horde, and we will become unstoppable*.

*Unless the game continues to kick us back to the loading screen. Nasty Elvses are tricksy and false. We hates them forever. (Technology, isn’t it a wonderful thing)

Gold: 420
Seals: 420
Trophies: 4 and 20

Alts welcome.
Elves, Fey, and Blue Mana users welcome. (Fight well, we’ll most likely loot your corpses in the morning. Warg’s gotta eat, same as the Drake.)

In Mordor, the Warg lives for three years, the Drake for nine
Shadow of War fans know what I’m talking about. Speaking of which, I have a score to settle with Celebrimbor. For what is justice, if not the hammer to beat down the proud nail.

GT: chunky mono
GW begins in 7 days (from the date of this Edited post…I used to know how to code a date/time group…so many brain cells ago)…24 May 2021. gl hf

From other thread, for ease of reading if the other is Flagged for spam, and this one may as well.

Jump down to the quote to start at the beginning. Just Flag and Ignore if U don’t want to read. I’ve had too many chances already…Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do…just kidding.

They know, they just don’t care…And my Father was weak. My Mother was Strong. No other Mother…I have several Mothers. Believe it…

Heavy Sigh. Deep breath in, 1 2 3 4. and out. 1 2 3 4. I am Heavy , but I am Here, I am Ready … Question (1019 L Time) Chunky, no, Kirk RONNIE, is asking a question, it is not an important question, a life altering question, absolutely not…If we can please have a conversation, hypothetically with out Cross-talking. I know how to spell, my trembling fingers hit my touchpad, and the cursor jumps somewhere…

Relax, have some coffee my Friend said that day. Which day, I don’t remember…She said, Relax. Don’t do it, …Frankie go to hollywood said that too. I did it anyway, Me, Kirk RONNIE…being the Heavy again…

But i do have a reason, and I do have a point…1024 Let me click, copy paste, hopefully it will make sense. Forgive, me father (the other one, not my BIrth Giver, the other one) and no, not my Wife’s Father either, he is innocent. I am GUILTY (“Guilty of What?”) the concerned citizen, the Dearest Reader, the Cross Talker (not cro–I won’t say it. I am …I had words of Hate programmed into my mind since before I can remember. Did they come from the Right? The Left? Did Q exist even back to that day? Was it the Devil, The “Russsian Interference?” Fox News? CNN? Espn, those channels did not even exist when I was born…“Ok Boomer”. I’m sorry Youngin, U attack me, I attack U, where does that get us? A Marine from Generation Kill typing on a keyboard, anonymously. I said my Name is Kirk RONNIE…anonymous no more…Please may i finish, cross-talking voice in my head. I am trying to communicate Effectively, and my programming is not allowing me too…
1031 L

Just in case I get distracted again. Just in case Salty’s link, If you don’t understand what I am going thru, please, don’t ask me to explain. Please follow HER link she gave it to, i am claiming it as MY own, as MY precious link…That other thread? It dead too me, it failed to help me get MY point across.

I am sorry for the Pain and Suffering I have triggered in our most beloved of games. If it is not, than after all the abuse we’ve endured, trying to convince the Devs to PLAY THE GAME, GET TO KNOW THE GAME, so that when host a weekly update, People around the globe will want to tune in, and not tune out…


Global Mental Health Resources : CheckPoint

[vc_row row_space=”padding-small”][vc_column][gva_block_heading title=”Local Websites and Emergency Contact Numbers” align=”align-left” subtitle=”Wherever You Are, Whatever You Need”][/gva_block_heading][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row…

Est. reading time: 19 minutes

I hit Enter, and two lines appear…

I hit Enter on Facebook, and I’m broadcating to the World, before my thoughts are finished.

Heavy Sigh. I am not asking anyone to carry my burdens, I am not laying these burdens upon You, if you feel that way, please click the link above. Way above. Right above. Get to know a Veteran this Memorial Day. If you see a Veteran who is struggling, He/She, do not label us. Please I beg of thee…

Do not let my Voice substitute for them. Becaause i was fucked up…sorry, Redacted I want my 10 Year Old Nephew, and My 15 year old Niece to be able to join me in THIS game, that I LOVE. Heavy sigh. I am NOT trying to bring the CRINGY. But I have none-the-Less. I feel even MORE the Failure than I did when I started…I am BOROMIR, Do I get to finish my Quest, or Do I Die along the way. I am GIMLI, Never Trust an Elf…

Do I get to make Friends with an Elf along the way? I already HAVE…many…

I just haven’t been able to admit it, I’m still playing THAT ROLE…Hugs, not Drugs. Adrenaline, forgive me dear Father. For I have sinned. I love that Rush, that ground rush, that adrenaline…phew, lemme tell ya, If I could share that feeling…Ever Jump out of an Airplane? I haven’t. I’m too afraid to die. I am a Coward. I’ve been Anonymous for far too long, afraid to have conversations, even within my most secure, little tiny Hobbit Hole with my family…

1045 L, I am not crying, i hope no one else is either…


Global Mental Health Resources : CheckPoint

[vc_row row_space=”padding-small”][vc_column][gva_block_heading title=”Local Websites and Emergency Contact Numbers” align=”align-left” subtitle=”Wherever You Are, Whatever You Need”][/gva_block_heading][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row…

Est. reading time: 19 minutes

I am shouting it from the WatchTower. Which Watch tower. Sir Jimmy Hendrix. Has he been Knighted. I don’t know Amun Din was a watch tower in LotR. If I know the refence and U don’t than why would I tell you to make your own popcorn. Because I seen it before in Global Chat. New fish, Red fish, Blue fish, Fresh Fish…Youngin, Boomer, Labels, just Label…Please stop using them, all they do is bring Pain. ooh wa ah aha ha…Can U feel that…Immediate Trigger “Don’t believe the Hype…” Down with the sickness…

Do U know what I am talking about Now? Forum is a Great place to come and learn this game. It is not toxic, many strong voices here to shout down the Terrors.

Disclaimer: Don’t dig too deep. Don’t stay too long. Something is gonna trigger U. U gonna find a thread, 2016. Different time, different…I will not post a link there, I was trying to find, where do I post to change my Title. I wished to be XL 1. I wished to now be Word Salad Man. The Cringy was here long before I was, it will remain long after I am gone.

They gone have to drag me out of here. Why, because i am passionate, oh so passionate about this Game. Please, do not attack Salty, she is my spirit animal, I said it earlier, but I don’t want to edit. I just want to play . And my voices wont let me. I’m a hit enter, please, Global, Play the Game, Discuss in the Forums your issues. I’ve taken too much of your time Already… Enjoy the Memorial Day with your closest Friend Family Members and whatever color of Wizard YOU CHOOSE To Identity, feel safest with.

I choose RADAGHAST the BROWN. Was there a Red Wizard? The Devil Maybe? The Balrog…There certainly was not one that I remember. But I only read some of the Books, and I am no Hero. I idenified as Orc. @Lorien1973, this is how the outside world looks upon me. My first Impression, I don’t know how old I was. Whipped, beaten, downtrodden. I am White. I do have some priviliges. Not Amongst My People we are cowardly. We don’t say Skinfolk are not your kinfolk. We peck each other like chickens when we see weakness, and I was so so weak. Let me draw the Enemy’s Eye upon me. That was my Role in Rainbow 6 vegas. That was my Role in the original Gears…"Man, chunky sux. I got better. I still played that Role, 1st in 1st out. Just a Game. Wasn’t afraid to die in a Game. What if this is our only chance What then, Player1, Thy Game has ended. Joust 1983. I played Pac-man, i caught the fever. Joust, the original Spawn Camping Game. I’ll camp your spawn. Believe it. Robotron, back in 2007, I was 36, turned 37, 21 April 2007. All the Youngins that killed me in Halo, got home from School. Fresh FIsh, Nobody plays Robotron now. They have an achievement there I’ll never get…Can’t get, I’m just not good enough. Fine with me, I don’t need every achievement. Geoff. Geoff can go Eff himself. I don’t even know him, I just know, I am at 14% on that achievement. Rumble Roses, Aigle was my Spirit Animal There. I got her all her outfits. I could not afford to give my wife everything she desired, everything she wanted, not even everything I promised her. We divorced in 2006, and I blame myself, 100%, my fault.

I don’t want her back. I want Games back. I am an addict, my Name is Kirk Ronnie. I am stupid stubborn and selfish…

I don’t want your forgiveness I want my games. I own them, I purcahse the ones I love, when I feel the Price is Right. Kirk Ronnie, come on down. I am that contestant on the Price is Right. Do I know how much a new car costs? Nah, I bought my a Hyandai, not the Jaguar she wanted, but no…check that…I was wrong, we looked at the Hyundai. I bought her the Mitsubishi Outlander…I liked the name more… OUTLANDER…c’mon please…i know some of U know what I’m talking about. Please follow my rants on Facebook. I’m done here. I’ve taken enough oxygen out of this Forum. This Game. I will return. I will come back, not a threat, not a promise. Tomorrow is not promised to everyone, especially those serving in the Armed Forces of ALL Nations on this Great Planet. Like Real Life, we only got one Planet. Until that day, Like Ripley, Newt, Hudson,

I hated Burks, I couldn’t forgive him, I couldn’t forgive Paul Reiser for choosing to play that Role Burks put a Face Hugger in with a little girl. It’s just a movie. Not Real Life. Real Life, I’m the bad man…Satan on my left, Sadist on my right, Temptation to the front, The dark terror, the Shadow behind me. But the Good Lord Up above, keeping me secret. Keeping me safe. I don’t deserve to be here today. But i am. Ask a Veteran tomorrow, "Is there anything I can do to help. Got money for a deck of Cards? Buy a fresh pack so he/she know they aint marked, Sit down with him, Play some spades. Don’t know how? the best Veterans will teach U how to properly cross talk. Talk across that table…Its allowed sometimes. Make a new Friend. A potential friend. Seek out that Brown Wizard, Radaghast. I don’t care if I spelled it wrong. I am not perfect. My mother had me tested. I loved her. She built Lego sets until she was 82. That recommended age on that box, they gotta put that there. some sets have small pieces. The set may look over-priced. ahem ahem. Hi I am Michael Barkann. Came into to the Store. Follow me on twitter. He might remember it differently. Wanda Sykes, came in the store. I got to rub elbow with the Best of Philly Philly, but I never saw Nick Foles. I never saw Seth Joyner, Or Kobe. Chuck. A.I. have you ever built a Lego set. It’ll take some stress off your life. It did for me, it did for some of my REDACTED Friends. Why would I lie, if I say i Had a Black Friend. We just lost touch. The people that came into MY store. I RAN that store. In my mind. I wasn’t always there, and we had a STRONG LEADERSHIP Team. Distract Manager. Weak. My opininion. Tricksy, False. But when I asked, him, he stepped up. When I asked him again, Not so much. I need to follow up better. My fault, not his. I was weak, to weak. I let the pressures of the Job get to me, I let alcohol get to me. I had resources available to me, I did have privilege. Just not the kind The Left wants U to believe I do. I was Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman. Money to burn, many time, many places. I could have improved my appearance. My clothes were Raggedy, But i was no Clown. Ronald McDonald. I ain’t xx (less than 7, don’t remember the age. Raggedy Ann or Andy. Guilty by Association. I don’t want help, they the ones putting on the Chalk Face…I have no problems with Furries, I am the Cringy in the Room, since 4 years old. Wife felt jealous of the Hooter Girls…Actually, I prefered the outfit of the Greaters…I had no filter then either…ooh, she was mad.

T.L.C., wife was jealous of Left-Eye, (RIP QUEEN). Phew…I mean, they all beautiful, Crazy, Sexy, Cool. Wife was jealous of Left-Ey, no filter, Actually, I prefer T-Boz…Question: what did the five fingers say to the face…I didn’t hit back i deserved hit. I felt safe, sharing my inner voice with her. I was wrong. Poor life choices, NOT poor chunky mono. She called mudo, she called me mono, Monster, always Playful. Never hurtful. Until the day she said, sign these papers. I mean, I kinda gave her no choice. Age of Wonders. Game starts up. “I am Here. I am Ready”…I circled back, or forward. I won’t edit. Play the Game. Our Game of Riddles, Our Gems of War, our Forum Mind games. Where’d i Save that clip…

Where there’s a whip, there’s a way!

Redacted. Redacted. I ain’t no snitch. That is how the Real World Portrays the Orcs perceive us. We are not their stereo types. We are many, we are varied. I am a Raider, I am Unforgiven; but i aint afraid of 2 frail little Hobbits; and they ain’t gonna get no dollar outta me until they EARN that dollar. 30 May 11:45 L…

My Father died on a date in May, just happened to fall on Memorial Day. Punish me for my sins, not my Father’s…Punish My father for his sins, not me.

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to Her mercy She saved me.

…Titus 3:5.

I prayed to God again in Tennessee. God got me out of that County lock up after only 3 days. I thought i was having a Vivid Dream the kind where Zombies, Clowns, Police and Mafia were all after me. I’ve had dreamz like that many times. This one was real. And I didn’t know it…I blacked out. Normally after I bang my head into a wall, I or door, or mirror I drop and get 20 Zzz’s. Please don’t kick me when i Got the Zzz’s i may not remember who U are…just saying “Let sleeping Dogs Lie” has at least 3 translations, possibly 4, that I know of. Don’t make me conform to your definition, and I try my best to do the same…

Just let me Play. I know where I can find some Playing Cards. My On-Line Gamer addiction will end. But that adrenaline Rush I play Spades is far-greater. I just miss my Olde Partners who don’t get to play anymore. Thumps chest. x2. Sorry for taking up too much space yet again. But Thank you so much for letting me share. I’m going out now for Realz this time. Please Join me if U can, if u can’t, keep these forums (not me, I’m out there, with people like Us, but not like us, Different, but not so different. Similar, but not the same, and I shutting my mouth, but not silencing my voice. Best I can do today…tomorrow, I’m not promised tomorrow, so Idk what I’ll do tomorrow. I’m not making any promises for a day not promised to me. It’s gotta be a woman, a Toxic woman, Fickle, Tricksy, False, I am a Toxic male, but She Who Must Be Obeyed must also know I Will Not Always Obey. I was born at night, not last night, in the Year of the Dog, under the constellation of Taurus. I am Naive, I am Loyal, and I am Stubborn… Breacher up…peacefully, let’s get to know each other Better. When those Elevator Doors open, it might be Ms. Kimes, and she may be ignorant for asking the world to conform to her fears, but I am no different. I’ll carry a Deck of Cards with me just in case. Take care all.

Sir, please, do not leave just yet. Please give this new dev one sec, why am i shivering? I am not a snowflake, and yet i am…climate change, it is real

My Name is not GEORGE NELSON, I am Not Bi-polar, I am not Heavy Sigh, too damn heavy

Please, if I have a month too explain, Please give me until then to be that HEAVY Burden, not for you to carry, but for U to ignore. Let me Draw fire away from You, so You and this new Dev team have a chance to have open, honest and secure communication while I am drawing Attn to me. I am HEAVY, too HEAVY, I hear U GiB member, i do not remember you’re name, but we are both GAMERZ

And that Gamer Identity secure with me, not important to ME, if it is important to U, Dearest Reader : Hear is a Link to world wide services. Please, do not interrupt ME , It is MY Turn to Speak, I am Kirk Ronnie (My True Self, My True Name)…First time in My Life, I do not want to Play Gamez. Well I do, I am a LIAR A HYPOCRITE AND A RACIST, Let me Shout my Name from Amun Din, the beacons are LIT. I am NOT AFRAID. Let me draw their attention “Who they” Heavy sigh…I was programmed from an Early Age…Nature vs Nurture, That is what I was Taught to believe…Kirk Ronnie (Ronnie is not a Last name, I said what is You’re Last Name)…Boy named Sue…

Heavy sigh…and i forgot to post that Link: Here I go again, Whitesnake. I hate White Snakes in the Grass…Please, allow me to continue, do not drown out my voice, do not drown out your sorrows, do not silence yourself out of fear of what I say, or what I do…


No worries, I posted the wrong Link…I had a little VENOM, to spit her way. I am a WHITE Snake, I am not a White Supremacist. Ms. Kimes had a little something to say about People, not a protected People, I am Super Cringy, I am WORD SALAD MAN, and I don’t know when to STFU. I will shout that too. WHY NOW, the cross-talkers would say? Did They Read what i Wrote, of course not. I was too timid in the past to have Open, Honest, and True Self Conversations…

Something changed, but it did not effect those individuals…I still the correct Link, let me do that now, inner voice in my head, I am KIRK RONNIE, and for the first time in my Life, I do not wish to play VIDEO Games. I wish to play #SPADES…Have you played Spades, Have you? That adrenaline Rush…Woo, Talking cross the table. Not supposed to do it…Cross-talkers get punished. Might even Lose the game, or a Friend. I’ve lost many Friends. I am a Veteran, Please come after me, do not go after my fellow Veterans this MEMORIAL DAY. My fellow Veterans …ok ok ok. Posting that link. I am a robot. I was not strong enough to resist the programming I received since before I can remember…Posting no. Time ON Deck is 1010 Local time. I’ll get the rest later, Why am I cold, because I’ve been so focused on myself, so selfish, and so stupid, and stubborn I learned these traits from my Father, who was also Stupid Stubborn and Selfish. My “Adopted Brother”, he is also at times, STUPID STUBBORN and OH SO SELFISH. So are these traits Inherited (Nature, or Learned Behavior Nurture). 10:13…I’m posting the link now, drawing that fire, that rage to me, @Saltypatra thank you so very much for being You, You are my Spirit animal, Let me help YOU feel safe. Why should, would the Terror come after her? I am the Greater, Perhaps GREATEST threat to Planet TERRA at the moment. I want free, Open and Honest conversations to happen Again. The Left doesn’t want this, they want to silence me and the Right; The Right doesn’t want this Either, or they haven’t fought Hard enough to prove that too me. “Oh he a Q” Posting the link now, I swearz it, I swearz it on the Precious…1017 L


Number 1 Preference: Remove Lycans, but they here to stay (allegedly)
Number 2 Preference: Keep Lycans, have the effect halve the troop to 50% Lvl
Number 3 Preference: Allow Lycans (and Empower, can’t get rid of those) to Switch on/off base upon difficulty mode (I’ll provide Link)
Number 4 Preference: Accept the fact that Lycans impact both Teams equally (allegedly);
Turning them off for >>>Game Mode Here<<<? I’d prefer the Devs have time to play and learn this wonderful game. 505, Pay them to Play please, 1 day, or 1 stream a week. Let them learn the frustrations the Player Base experiences, and then Preference One might actually happen. I know it sounds crazy, just like me. But that is my final answer. Allegedly. :man_facepalming:

I’m sorry, not sorry, that me laugh out loud and i just gotta share, thank you so very much…


Phew, never a good idea, please, take it from someone who knows…seriously, literally. Did i give myself CTE in Nashville?

Salty’s post, I am getting help. Pass it on, not everybody who needs help wants it, but if they (or me) eventually hear the outside worlds voices of concern, instead of the “inside the (my) mind demons”, it won’t hurt to at least try something different, no? Thank you global for your concern, i am not a bot, just a Human with a passion for Gems of War. :+1:

Heavy Brother always saying “no other mother” about my mother, our mother, who passed 9 yrs ago. I loved her, I miss her, she’s gone. He still talking, too often about it. Friction.

And this is off-topic, but if i cut it out, and post it somewhere else, than maybe the person reads it first, last, never…it needs to be said, maybe not read but said, not repeatedly. But at least once, so I’ll say it and cut it to my “Recruitment Thread”. If you or someone you know can benefit, I’m not looking to win, I just want us all to heal. Bump bump. :+1:

I had another mother. My wife’s mother. I called her mother-in-law once, she says “i am not a mother-in-law (“suegra” en castellano, como escribe, lo siento senor, no bailo), if you want me to be a Suegra, call me one again, and I’ll be one to you.” She became my other Mother. Labels hurt, believe it. or not…ooh, you should’ve seen her fire, she earned a fan that day. :+1:

Heavy says “no other mother”. I had 2, lost them both. His pain, x2. And he keep on rolling over me. C’mon please. Enough about that, moving on…

Honest Question about the Spam Reports…if i post a Reply, then notice a typo, go to Edit the typo, oops, there be 1 more,…does that send out 3 “notifications”? Honestly I don’t know, if that is my spam, i can leave the post unedited. I don’t need 100% grammar; perfection is not me.

Tl;Dr: I can get my own sugar, thanks for the laugh. I love this community. No flags on the field, please. Follow the other thread if you are suffering. I’ll only post here, with links.

Got an Xbox? Join the Herd. Invite only. GT: Chunky mono. 0/100 Reputation

(Anybody try to max reps for WoW. I didn’t want to play human, but they had that bonus…LocoMono, (was there a space?). I play the Female once, not to Troll, just being 100% honest…there was an achievement, several in fact…no excuses…) -1/100. 2015, Allegedly. Adjusting Fire, inapropes.