Cheating AI? Moves two stones at once, out of turn

Note: I’m not talking about the AI being incredibly lucky. I’m talking about doing moves that shouldn’t be possible.

Just again, in Exploration, at the beginning of the game, I had a four-stone move - I should get an extra turn.
Instead, the AI moved TWO stones at the same turn!

It’s happened at least twice so far - the first time I thought I imagined it, but this time I’ve clearly seen it.

Is it a bug, or is the AI intentionally cheating?

[edit] Or, less likely, is there an obscure rule I didn’t know that allowed the AI to do that?

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Glad I’m not going crazy it happened to me several times since yesterday.

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Yes, it’s under the devs’ radar and they intend to fix it on the next update. Meanwhile it’s advised to not play so fast as soon as the battles start, wait a little longer until all traits notifications trigger and things should work as expected.


I also had a funny moment with the AI. First move with a 4+ match went too soon, so AI wanted to deny me that extra turn. It tried to make two moves at the same time, realised I get an extra turn, gives me that extra turn, but as the matches were already in progress, it counted both those matches for my team.

I lovingly started to call the AI “Derpy 1.3”

It happens on turns other than turn 1 if you move too fast (and not just 4x speed). Let the animations cease on AI side, then make your move and it works okay.

It’s not an ew issue, it has been reported by other players in the past but it seems the dev’s aren’t doing anything about it.

I’ve had this happen at least 5 times myself. It is very frustrating.

Next update bro

Just here to confirm, we have a fix for this issue in the next update.

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You hope or you know? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Speaking of animation speed… Anyone notice how slow the enemy move speed is if you have a card up on screen?