[Reported] AI double dipping turns again (Hello darkness, my old friend)

Would you look at the time. It’s bring-back-supposedly-fixed-bugs o’clock.

Had this happen to myself earlier while playing class event. Wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks.

Then someone mentioned it just had happened to Tacet too. This capture is off of his stream, 6pm-ish CET.

Also: Traits are STILL not tracking their ‘owner’ correctly, mana STILL gets assigned to the wrong team from trait-triggered gems/explosions, etc!


I had it happen too, but as I don’t record my games, I have no proof. It happened at least twice. The situation where the AI moves two gems at once, making two moves.

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It totally boggles my mind how increasing animation speed somehow ends up making actual changes to gameplay mechanics.


Also reported here: https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/ai-making-multiple-matches-in-one-turn/