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Computer AI cheats

When is the AI going to get a update to fix the 3 gem extra move, that turns into more extra moves? Since the updates started months ago this game has become unplayable, The AI moves and the board keeps moving to give more mana and moves to AI. seems to be all the updates are about are graphics and nerfing troops and guild task statues. No wonder so many people have stopped playing a unbalanced game.

Do you happen to have the ability to record a video of this in action? I’ve yet to see the AI be unfairly awarded a turn in as long as I can remember.


There really are many problems… not getting an extra-turn after matching 4 or 5 gems, not gaining any mana sometimes…
Some people in my guild are working on starting to record their battles to have examples of bugs.


my friends have sent videos in of AI cheating. It cheats all the time…

I see. If you have a link to such a video, it might help identify what the specific issue might be.