AI Extra turns INSANE since update!

Since the update the AI constantly gets extra turns. This is extremely aggravating and has made me want to delete the game on several occasions. I have been playing every day for a long time and I have Never seen it this bad.

I havent noticed it getting any more than usual :stuck_out_tongue:
Might just be a run of bad luck :frowning:

Yup. This is definitely apophenia and recall bias at work.


Miss @Lyya will you do my taxes ? = Very Intelligent :smiley:

Keep in mind, that very often when AI is suggesting your move, it’s setting itself for extra move.

Nope, that’s just daft… if they didn’t code the AI to set up chains on its own turn, why the hell would they code it into the ‘help’ function…

The ‘help’ suggestion is just randomly picked from the available matches, with a few simple rules, similar to how the AI picks its own moves. It will always highlight 5 matches, then 4 matches (which is useful), will favour skulls over gems (which is sometimes useful)… It pays no attention to your team colours or any results of cascades (which is not useful)… It’s simplistic, yes, but not set to deliberately cheat you…


Alright perhaps I should rephrase myself.
Keep in mind, that suggested move might lead to AI getting extra turns.
And more often than not you can find better moves.


Yes, that’s fair…

I never listen to the suggested moves unless it is the only one. I am LV 271 with all legendary teams in the high 6000’s. It just seems that the last few days the AI gets extra turns much more than usual. I know it’s the luck of the drop but that is just too lucky. The beginning of the week I was crushing 3 trophy teams now I can barely win 1 trophy matches. It’s not because the team has more life or is better, it’s only because the AI gets so many extra turns dropping from above. It is every PvP match and sometimes 8+ extra turns in a row and not from rock worms. I know you cant win them all, just want a fair chance.

I’ve seen the complaint that the AI deliberately gives bad move suggestions as a way to get players to spend money. I don’t know where people come up with this stuff, but maybe turning off the hints should be part of the tutorial? (If it’s not already. Been so long I don’t remember.)

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So I played a few PvP games this morning and it is definitely better. I guess DEMONorANGEL was right and I just had a few days of incredibly bad luck! Global and Guild chat is still messed up from the update though.


The AI gives suggestions only and not always the right move for you. I don’t think there is anything in this game that would make you spend money. I am a VIP level 6, I spend money because I like the game and it was free and I want to support the developers so they keep making it better. I quit playing Black Ops 3 for this game and never looked back :slight_smile:

What you have to remember is WHO is suggesting the moves lol Mr AI

I’ve seen many reviewers claim this on Steam as the reason why they’re downvoting the game. It’s clearly absurd, but that’s what the game is up against :sad:


Sadly, everyone loves a conspiracy. It’s so easy to connect dots and assign meaning (malicious or otherwise) to random patterns that combatting the claims is like fighting a hydra.


From my experience, that’s not true. I have never seen the help function suggesting a 3 match of a color I don’t need, unless there was no possible match of a color I do need.

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Keep in mind while this the case on PC/mobile. It is NOT at all how the AI works on console. This is just applies to Console players:

The AI routinely very often “misses” matches. Including 5, 4, and Skulls. This occurs BOTH when playing and when “suggesting” moves for the player to make, including Treasure Hunt. I have thus far been unable to discern the missing pattern to capitalize on this randomness.

This makes the AI both easier and harder depending entirely on RNG drops from the top screen. On PC the AI plays fairly consistently making it very predictable (listen to Tacit for 10 minutes). This inability of the AI to spot all matches AND the randomness of this occurrence on console leads to all kinds of theories (see the current thread of the AI “giving up”).

Another discrepancy between versions. Console’s AI will set and perform match combos if available.

Does it not just try to find a gem match for your top troop (and/or closest to begin filled-up troop?), apart from the regular 5-4-skull-3 match

I think it’s more a matter of…

  • The AI plays relatively poorly (compared to human players);
  • The suggested move is more or less what the AI would do;
  • Taking suggested moves with any frequency means you’re essentially playing like the AI;
  • Playing like the AI means you play relatively poorly.

It’s definitely not a bad thing that the AI is worse than players; after all, winning is fun. ;p But the only good reason I can think of for being wary of taking the AI’s advice not because it’s malicious, but simply because it’s dumber than you are.