Chat not working

Actually Id like to hear more on the subject.

lol. I wish I knew how to edit one of those image things. I’d make a Starship Troopers one with the tagline:

“BOOBS. Would you like to know more???”


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chat is working!

are you sure?just check it,and is still down

Confirmed. Chat is up.

Is global chat down again for anyone else?


(plus more words to make the post requirement)

I really hope this down time is them fixing the guild chat because omg is it horrible. Missing messages, a self aware profanity filter intent on world domination and messages not showing up until you reset the game. How is this what guilds are supposed to use to stay organized?

I’m one bug away from writing a strongly worded letter!


I’m pretty sure global chat is down from the game having more people playing today than in the history of GoW (at least on the Steam end).

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Yep, down once again. I miss it. Odd, I always thought I was anti-social. :joy:

It really is a daemon, isn’t it.

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Someone wake up Sirrian! The sky is falling!

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Chat down! I repeat! Chat down!!

I don’t recall the request number ever being this high. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well there’s the problem: they just need to raise the request limit. Computering is easy.

How much does it typically cost in $$ to raise a Request Limit on a server?

Computering may be easy, but all that kibble chow to feed the hamsters powering those spinning server switches must cost a fortune.

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Still down. Time to start praying to the mighty profanity filter in the sky!

Oh great profanity filter, please hear our pleas. Grant us access back into your sacred chat. Bestow upon us your mighty asterisks of censorship. Allow us to bask in the glory of your random benevolence. Oh great and wise profanity filter, let us back into your judgemental embrace; we beseech you!


Chat is back up

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Is chat down again?