Chat not working

So, I know this has been an ongoing in issue, but being unable to join any sort of chat is really frustrating. Are there any plans to do anything about this?

Its Sunday happens mostly then

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same here.Cannot connect

I checked both steam and mobile. no dice :confounded:

Makes you realize how much you chat lol. I bet there are people that have no idea it’s even down. >.<

So lonely…

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It used to be tricky to join the chat at points, but jumping between various screens offering chat access used to help. Then at some point chat worked flawlessly (except for eating some lines now and then, but everyone’s used to that by now), until recently.

Now it’s just DEAD. Can’t connect, and it is seriously interfering with any guild management (since we still don’t have the PM’s :frowning: ), so pretty please fix

Lol the one time I wanted chat it’s down. Was hoping to post a welcome to new guild members.

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Trying to get youngen in. He’s all excited. All chat is down. Childhood ruined. (That was sarcasm, btw)

Chat down. :cry: How am I supposed to get my daily talk about :point_right: :ok_hand: now?


Lol ET. Chat in forums…?

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Let’s do it.

Hi. Morning folks.

It will have to do. Afternoon all :slight_smile:

Morning zoo!

rubber tube wrapvped, needle in arm. Ah chat fix…

This is like dial up chat… How I don’t miss those days.


ok then, hello all

I give it 10 minutes to surpass the 600 posts on 2.1 preview haha.

lol I just got a “reader” badge even though I didn’t really read. I was just scroll scroll scroll. XD

So this being Sunday, whats the chance this doesnt get fixed soon?

It’s 8 am in AUS. Hopefully soon.

Boobs. Enough said.