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Is chat broken?

Ever since we got the message that the chat servers were going to be down for about an hour, I haven’t been able to log in to chat. When I try, the little colored orbs spin for maybe a second, but nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting and clearing the cache. I’m running Android 10. Is there a fix? Any help is appreciated.

Working ok here in the UK on Android :+1:

Thank you for replying. From what I can tell it’s working again for everyone else, so it will probably never come back for me, I’ll never join a guild, etc. Oh well, fun while it lasted. From everything I’ve read, the company has almost completely abandoned this game, so I’m glad this happened before I spent money on it. It’s a shame, seems like it was a good game.

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This happened to me at one point. I was able to resolve it by uninstalling and reinstalling the client. That may work for you, as annoying as it is to have to re-download everything…

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Does your internet have any restrictions on it? Back in the old days of working in an office, I could play this game on work’s WIFI but chat wouldn’t work. Always assumed a port or something was blocked. :woman_shrugging:

Reinstalling fixes this issue in most cases. Please do so, and if it doesn’t help, please let us know.

You don’t need the game chat to work to join a guild. Many guilds don’t use game chat anyhow, because it is not great.

You can post here in the forums that you are looking for a guild, the Facebook group, or on Reddit.

Either of those options would get you in a guild.