Chat doesn't work

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Anyone have an idea why my chat won’t Open? I think it worked once the first day I downloaded the game. I went on it for a few seconds and never went back. Recently tried it and the chat just won’t Open.

If it is grayed out go to the settings tab on Chat screen and click on Rejoin global chat

Nothing happens when I press on connect to global chat.

You can also try in that chat settings menu to click on Disconnect, and then to click on the chat icon again and see if that fixes it. Device restart is also an option that some times help

Is chat settings under the normal settings?

No, it’s a settings tab in the chat window

I see. I can’t even get to that screen. I’ll try reinstalling. Thanks for your help.

I have a problem with my chat too, but not the same. Once in two not see at all, when I press enter on computer or send on tablet. The message does not come, and it’s very frustrating, because I can not talk all the time with my guild.
I have found almost a solution to bypass this problem, but I have to stop the game and restart it.
Do you have a solution for me please?
(translate by google traduction, i’m a french player)